[Experience Report] We participated in Kasama Pottery City's Himatsuri Festival 2019!

Hello! This is Kaku from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

This time, I went to the Kasama Toen Festival (Himamatsuri), so I would like to introduce you to the festival, the artists' works, and the delicious food I ate.

Please check the article below for a summary of the Toen Festival.

Master guide from basic information to must-see artists

The Toen Festival will be held at the event plaza in Kasama Art Park, where more than 200 artists and restaurants will be exhibiting.

I parked my car in the parking lot and walked for about 10 minutes until I saw the event square where the Toen Festival was held.

By the way, the parking lot at the venue is very crowded and it takes a long time to park, so we recommend that you use the temporary parking lots in front of the venue.

At the entrance to the venue, many masks made by elementary school students from Kasama City were on display.

As I walked for a while, admiring the child's free thinking,

The lawn was wide open and everyone had set up tents and other tents to find a resting spot.

The Kasama Art Forest Park is quite large and has a lot of space, so if you are traveling with children, it is a good idea to bring a tent or tarp so that you can spend your time comfortably.

Let's take a look at the area where artists are exhibiting!

This is KEI CONDO's work.

He is an artist based in Kasama, and many of his pieces have wood grain patterns in calm colors, and all of his vessels have a mature atmosphere.

Next is a work by an artist called HIROTA, who is active in the Satoyama area of ​​Kasama.

I personally liked the color combination and texture. It was fun to see some of the works filled with playfulness.

This is Nagamine Tobo's work.

Many of the works had a texture applied to them, and combined with the matte texture, they had a strong presence. The shape is simple and easy to use, so it seems like it would go well with any type of cooking.

This is Rakutada Kamito, whose family works together as a family. The designs were drawn using a technique called Itchin-gaki, and the designs were so beautiful that just looking at them was soothing.

On the way, I saw a shop called Niwa-do that was full of flowers everywhere I looked, so I stopped by.

There were a lot of Haniwa lined up, from the orthodox ones to the unusual ones, and it was fun just looking at them.

Next, I looked into the tent of an artist called Kono Tobo.

The pastel colors of pink and blue are comfortable and warm. It seems simple and easy to use.

This is a tent run by a married couple called "Kinobori." The fairy tale atmosphere was impressive, and I felt like each piece had a story.

Next, we took a look at the tent of Takada Tobo, a two-generation family run by a father and son in Kasama. The beautiful blue color is so impressive that you can't help but be drawn to it, and it's a must-see for anyone who loves the color blue.

This is the booth of Tetsuo Kuwahara and Noriko Kuwahara. Pure white. The matte texture with no waste was very impressive.

I'm getting hungry, so I'd like to find something to eat. I think there are quite a number of food shops alone.

At Kasama Pottery Market, I was impressed by the fact that the area for artists' stalls and the area for food stalls are separated.

We found a shop that looks like a cafe, so let's quench our thirst for now.

Even though the weather was nice and it was as hot as summer, I was so absorbed in looking at the pottery that I realized my throat was parched.

This is a coffee shop in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture called coffeefactory, which serves special coffee made with carefully selected beans.

I ordered iced coffee, and it was easy to drink and very delicious!

Next, I found a pizza that looked delicious, so I decided to try it.

The pizza dough was placed on magnolia leaves, which have antibacterial properties, and then carefully baked one by one.

The stick leaf pizza with a slight aroma of magnolia was piping hot and very delicious!

Now that I was full, I went to see the 1000 Guinomi exhibition.

The Kasama Toen Festival has many events in addition to artists and food stalls, and the 1000 Guinomi Solo Exhibition is one of them.

All the sake cups made by various artists were unique, and I was looking at them with great admiration, wondering if there was a shape like this. There were choko bags for sake cups and sake from local sake breweries on sale, making it an irresistible exhibit for alcohol lovers.

The Kasama Toen Festival is held in a park, so the shops and exhibits are compact and easy to see.

Also, for those who have children and can't go to events, or those who went but couldn't find the pottery they wanted!

Our store is based on the concept of ``Enjoy the pottery fair while staying at home.'' We have selected ``This person!'' from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We handle and sell works by artists who think,

There are many artists I met at the Toen Festival, so please take a look if you're interested.

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Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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