[Recommended teacups] 10 stylish teacups that will make your tea time more enjoyable

Hello, this is the editorial staff of Uchiru Pottery City, which you can enjoy at home.
This time, we will introduce recommended teacups that will come in handy in your daily life.

Yu-cups are an essential part of Japanese dining, including green tea and hojicha.
You can feel the warmth coming from your palm, which is different from a mug.

Many of them have an elegant atmosphere, so it is recommended to have several items for entertaining.

From here on, I will introduce the products divided into standard, simple items and items with cute patterns and colors.

If you would like to see a variety of teacups, you can also view them from the link below.

Tea cup list page

Standard simple teacup

Maruyu only, powdered fine shavings, pottery, Mino ware

The black iron points are a nice accent to the soft off-white color of the powder.

It is a teacup with a tasteful texture.

The cute, rounded shape makes it easy to match with other pottery.

This is an attractive Konahiki series that will be loved as a gift and can be used for a long time.

Small cup cracked powder pottery Shigaraki ware

A small cup with a unique cracked pattern.

The round shape is cute enough to make you want to wrap your hands around it.

It has a smooth and comfortable texture that fits in your hand.

It's the perfect size for not only drinks, but also small side dishes such as spinach with sesame dressing.

Cup Ruri pottery Hasami ware

This teacup has an impressive gentle line.

The plump and rounded form has a peaceful atmosphere.

You'll want to wrap your arms around it and say, "Heh!"

Ivory is easy to match with any type of pottery and will blend seamlessly into your daily life.

The different colored bronze gives it an antique feel.

Tempire Tobikanna Ceramic Ontayaki

A hot water cup with an impressive "Tobikanna" pattern that shows the skill of handiwork.

A fascinating tobikanna pattern that mysteriously matches a wide range of cuisines, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and ethnic.

It blends naturally into our daily lives while retaining its old-fashioned, rustic charm.

Tea cup with cute colors and patterns

Cup Hanaten pattern porcelain Yoshida ware

A lovely cup with a flower pattern and round shape.

Accented with brown edges that gradually bleed.

It would also be nice to pair a clay pot with a matching pattern with a plate.

It has a somewhat nostalgic look and creates a relaxing time.

Mini cup yellow porcelain dahlia Hasami ware

The eye-catching large dahlia pattern is impressive.

Although it is Japanese tableware, it also has a Scandinavian feel.

It would be fun to match it with a simple plain pottery as an accent.

It would also be nice to use it as a set with a different color of blue.

Cup dot black pottery Shigaraki ware

An exciting design with dots in a calm atmosphere.

The matte black background is elegant and cute enough for adults to use.

The diameter is wide, so it's perfect for cutting carrots, cucumbers, and vegetable sticks.

It is an excellent item that can be used for any purpose and expands the range of your dining table.

Stylish teacup table coordination

For those of you who use teacups on a daily basis, how do you combine them with other utensils?

We will introduce some stylish coordinations from among the photos posted on Uchiru Photo.

From yoko_marron_photodiary (instagram)

Add a teapot and hot water cup to your favorite Japanese sweets.

If you arrange everything in a Japanese style until Obon, it will create a calming atmosphere.

From 〇mammy.015 (instagram)

The natural texture of powdered wood goes perfectly with wooden trays.

It gives a bright impression and the bright atmosphere is wonderful.

〇rekorinFrom rekorin (instagram)

Coordination with teacups and teapots in the same Warekohiki series.

The round shape is perfect for today's snack.

〇keiko_12.10 (instagram)

Place the teapot and teacup on a brass tray and serve on the table.

The picturesque appearance will elevate the atmosphere of your dining table.

From pom_pom_kitchen (instagram)

Great for not only tea time but also meal time.

The engraved pattern on the teacup resembles flower petals, so it goes perfectly with flower-shaped vessels.

If you are interested in teacups

Tea cups have been a part of our Japanese lives since ancient times.

It is a versatile item that can be used not only for drinking tea, but also as a side dish, cut fruit, or as a small bowl for cooking.

Many of them have simple and timeless designs, so you can keep using them for a long time, and if you have several in stock, they will be useful when entertaining.

If you are interested in teacups after reading this article, please try incorporating them into your dining table.

You can view the teacups introduced this time here.

Tea cup list page

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