[10 Recommended Soup Cups and Soup Plates] Utensils that will give you a warm feeling

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Japanese tableware is characterized by its rustic texture and texture that makes use of the clay material.
This time we would like to introduce soup cups from among the Japanese tableware that directly conveys the warmth of the creator.

We will introduce recommended soup cups from popular Japanese tableware such as Mino ware and Hasami ware, so please take a look.

What is the appeal of Japanese tableware soup cups?

Japanese tableware that brings warmth to your table.
The pottery conveys the natural texture of earth and creates a gentle table coordination.

Among them, the Japanese soup cup is a versatile container that can be used for more than just soup.

Let's check out these wonderful soup cups that are Japanese tableware, but can be paired with Japanese, Western, or Chinese food.

Recommendations for simple and classic soup cups

Soup cup porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

Mino ware is produced in the Tono region of southern Gifu Prefecture.
The Kikuka series is characterized by its simple and timeless design.

A soup cup with a slightly plump and thick material that can be used safely on a daily basis.

The handle is thick enough to be easy to hold with one hand, about 2cm wide, and the wide beveled lines make it easy to hold in your hand.
This pottery is also unique in that it is easy to handle overall.  

It's great not only for soups with plenty of ingredients, but also for serving cereal bowls, salads, and fruits.

White makeup shaved soup cup ceramic Mino ware

A soup cup with a handmade feel that gives you warmth by carving out the patterns one by one with a plane.
The smooth and glossy material gives it a comfortable feel to the touch.

The rounded and rounded shape gives it a cute, retro feel.

Naturally colored soup cups will bring out the delicious color of the ingredients, such as vegetable-filled minestrone or corn soup.

From sapphiretomoko (Instagram)

This vessel can be used not only as a soup cup, but also for granola with milk or soy milk, or as a cafe au lait bowl for those who want to drink a lot.

Starts with a busy morning, and gives a calm finish to any casual table scene.

Soup cup pottery Shigaraki ware

A Shigaraki ware soup cup that has the charm of warmth unique to earthenware.
Although simple, the design is accented with stripes and iron powder speckles, giving it a modern feel.

The large size allows you to enjoy plenty of ingredients such as stew and pork soup.
Since it is deep enough, it can also be used as a small bowl such as a two-color bowl or oyakodon when you want to have a light lunch.

Soup cup pottery Hasami ware

Hasami ware soup cup with impressive gentle lines.

The top part of the handle is flat, making it easy for your thumb to rest on it.
In addition, the high platform is large and stable, so everyone from children to adults can use it with confidence.

The large size is irresistible for soup lovers, so it goes well with stews with large ingredients and pot-au-feu.

Recommended cute soup cups

Soup cup ceramic rosemary Hasami ware

Hasami ware is a type of ceramic made in Hasami Town, Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Hasami ware was born about 400 years ago during the Edo period as a pottery for the common people, and its main point is its practicality and ease of use on a daily basis.

The series is named after the auspicious herb rosemary, and its dignified appearance and elegant design make it stand out.

It's larger than a teacup, but it's still big enough to wrap around with both hands, so it's a good-sized vessel that can be used when you want to drink a lot of coffee or tea, from a rich vegetable soup.

Soup cup porcelain dahlia Hasami ware

A soup cup with a series of dahlias boldly drawn on the side, adding a touch of glamor to the table.

Japanese tableware has a retro feel and is somewhat nostalgic, but it also has the atmosphere of Scandinavian tableware.

The moderately thick handle makes it easy to hold and practical.
Made of durable and easy-to-handle porcelain, everyone from children to adults can use it in everyday situations without hesitation.

Soup bowl with powdered ears, wooden one

The Kofuku series is a pottery made using the kobiki technique, and is characterized by a warm, soothing expression.

A cute soup cup with ears on both sides that will make you smile just looking at it.

Each piece of pottery is carefully made, giving off a unique atmosphere with its color shading and rustic patterns that appear in spots.

Recommended stylish soup plates

Pasta plate porcelain ORLO Mino ware

A deep dish with a distinctive asymmetrical circular shape and wide rim.

The product name is a pasta plate, but the deep shape makes it great for soups as well.
It is perfect for soup dishes such as stews.

If you place a small piece of French bread on the rim, your usual dining table will instantly transform into a restaurant setting.

Bowl M Porcelain Cuole Mino Ware

A simple design that is easy to pick up and use on a daily basis, making you want to use it for a long time.

The bottom is wide and has just the right depth, making it perfect for soups with large ingredients.
The feast soup with plenty of chicken wings also looks delicious.

It's made of durable porcelain and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Rim bowl M pottery Kosen kiln Banko ware

A bowl with a clean appearance reminiscent of Western tableware.

The streamlined round shape makes it easy to match with other utensils, making it fun to think about table coordination.

Just add carrot or pumpkin potage and bread on the side to create a special feeling like a hotel meal.

Bowl Pottery Rosemary Hasami Ware

This is a bowl from the rosemary series introduced in Soup Mug.

The moderate depth and rounded bottom make it easy to scoop with a spoon, making it perfect for soup.
It looks like you can scoop it out neatly down to the last drop.

How about having a soup lunch with minestrone or clam chowder and your favorite bread?

The rosemary pattern is like a picture frame and brings out the soup.

Table coordination using Japanese tableware soup cups and soup plates

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Breakfast scene where yogurt granola is served in a soup cup from the Kikuka series. Granola, blueberries and nuts are placed in a gentle-colored bowl to complement the colorful ingredients.

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A table with a unified feel using a set of soup cups and plates from the Kikuka series. Onion soup is served in the soup cup to create a gentle meal at home.

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The light gray color goes perfectly with cream-based soups such as potage.

The rosemary pattern gently enhances the simple potage.


We have taken a close-up look at soup cups and soup plates among Japanese tableware, along with a recommended lineup.
Soup cups, which have the attractive simplicity of Japanese tableware, are warm vessels that add calmness to everyday table settings.

The Japanese tableware soup cup will be appreciated not only for yourself but also as a small gift.

If you are interested in Japanese tableware soup cups or would like to see more Japanese tableware soup cups, please take a look here.

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