[24 stylish tableware] Make your everyday dining table a special moment.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing Staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Hello. I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, I would like to introduce you to some stylish tableware.
mikasko< /a>Quoted from (Instagram)

I want stylish tableware like the ones you see in magazines and Instagram

That's what I thought, so I went shopping and searched online, but there were so many different types that I couldn't figure it out! Have you ever been confused about which one to buy?

For those people, we will introduce stylish tableware by category, such as plates, bowls, and mugs.
We will also introduce important points about ``what kind of tableware looks stylish in the first place'' and photos of actual food on it, so please use this as a reference when shopping.


Plates are often used among tableware.
I want to buy stylish tableware because just by changing one plate I can make my usual meals more delicious and vibrant! If you think so, the first thing you should pick up is a plate.

From here, we will introduce stylish plates by size.

Large plate

Main dishes for one person or dishes to share between 2-3 people

The key to making a platter look stylish is the width and shape of the rim.

If the rim is wide, there will be a natural blank space when serving food, giving it an elegant impression.
Also, if the rim has a distinctive shape or has a pattern, it will look like a picture frame surrounding your food, which is great.

Pasta plate brown porcelain ORLO Mino ware

The wide rim makes this pottery the perfect focal point for your dining table.

From nobuchin21 (instagram)

If you fill it with pasta or stew and place a bucket on the rim, it will instantly turn into a restaurant dish!
With just one piece, you can elevate the atmosphere of your dining table.

Image: Modern
Size: approx. 24cm
Perfect dish: Pasta stew
Range:〇 Dishwasher:〇

8-inch plate, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

A cute flower-shaped container that will brighten up your dining table.

Thanks to the round petal-like rim, it has a picturesque atmosphere that makes it look great even when you put food on it.
The point is that the ecru white color goes well with any kind of food.

Image: Natural and cute
Size: Approx. 24cm
Perfect dish: One plate dish< br>Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

22cm plate gray porcelain daisy Hasami ware

The pale ink daisies drawn on the white porcelain make this an adorable plate.

If you place your food or cake in the middle of the plate, it will look wonderful as if it is surrounded by a flower wreath.
The elegant elegance makes it perfect for entertaining.

Image: Natural and cute
Size: Approximately 22cm
Perfect dish: Pasta, omelette rice
br>Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

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Medium plate

Medium plates are useful in a wide range of situations, from everyday use for serving side dishes for one person, to serving a cake for everyone.

The key to making a medium plate look stylish is the rim and pattern, just like the large plate.
Since it is not the main pottery, even the flashy colors and patterns will add a nice touch of glamor to the dining table and make it stylish.

White makeup scraping plate, ceramic Mino ware

A plate with an adorable border that resembles flower petals.

One of the important points about powdered pottery is that the color changes as you use it.
You'll feel attached to it, as if you were growing it into your own unique pottery.

Image: Natural and rustic
Size: Approximately 15.5cm
Perfect food: Cakes and sandwiches
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Hanatori plate, blue, porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

The delicate frill-like flower shape and sharp painting give it an elegant appearance.
With a mature and dignified expression, it gently complements your dishes.

It goes well with not only Japanese food, but also ethnic and Chinese food.

Image: Japanese/Standard
Size: Approx. 15cm
Perfect dish: 2 rice balls Vermicelli salad
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

The chrysanthemum pattern on this plate is reminiscent of a flower.

The key point is that when you plate the food, you can see a glimpse of the blue chrysanthemum pattern.
Not only can it be used in everyday life, but it will also add a touch of beauty to small celebrations.

Image: Japanese/Cute
Size: Approximately 18cm
Perfect dishes: Fried rice, meat and potatoes
br>Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

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Mame plate/small plate

Mamesara and small plates are small plates that fit in the palm of your hand.
Incorporating plates with slightly flashy patterns and colors, or plates with unique shapes, which would be difficult to achieve with large plates, will add an accent to your dining table.

Flower-shaped salt plate, vine arabesque, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

A small plate with an arabesque pattern drawn all over it.

Perfect for storing soy sauce for sashimi, gyoza sauce, and small plates for seasonings.
For breakfast, you can add jam and butter to it and serve it as an accompaniment to toast.

Image: Natural and cute
Size: Approximately 9.5cm
Perfect dish: Bean sweets Pickles
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Teacup-shaped plate, arrow feather round pattern, porcelain, Arita ware

A teacup-shaped plate that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

《24to3Image taken from official Instagram

The playful painting done with indigo and gold is impressive.
Take a breather and enjoy your afternoon tea time.

Image: Cute
Size: Approx. 12.0 x 7.0cm
Perfect dish: Sugar cubes and coffee Fresh Chocolate
Microwave: × Dishwasher: ×

frame square plate small pottery sen Hasami ware

The lightly swaying lace-like rim gives this bean plate a somewhat nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.

Just add olives or nuts to accompany wine to create a perfect atmosphere.
If you use it as an accessory tray, you can put pearl earrings on it and put it on a shelf and it will look great.

Image: Cute
Size: Approximately 12.0 x 7.0cm
Perfect dish: Cookies and pickles
Microwave: 〇  Dishwasher: ×

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A bowl, which is essential for juicy dishes, is a useful item at the daily dining table.
The depth and material of the pots you want to use differ depending on the dish, so you'll want to have a variety of pots.

From here, we will introduce stylish pots by size.

Large bowl

Large bowls can be used for serving dishes to be shared by 2 to 3 people, serving main dishes such as curry, and are useful for everyday use as well as entertaining.

Choose a large bowl with a color or pattern to make the table look stylish, whether it's for entertaining or for single dishes.

Large bowl, Fuchikurojugusa, pottery, Mino ware

This large bowl features an eye-catching Tokusa pattern, a traditional pattern that has been popular in Japan since ancient times.

With a clean and chic appearance, it has a calm atmosphere that complements the food.
It seems to be useful in a variety of situations, such as roughly arranging side dishes, enjoying noodles and rice bowls.

From daidai_s_kitchen (instagram)

Image: Japanese/Modern
Size: Diameter approx. 20.5cm Height approx. 6.0cm
Perfect Dishes: Bukkake udon/Mapodon
Microwave: 〇  Dishwasher: 〇

Asa pot large blue arabesque porcelain Mino ware

A shallow bowl with a dynamic arabesque pattern.

It goes well with not only Japanese food, but also with aqua pazza, which contains lots of seafood.
If everyone eats together around this utensil, the conversation at the dining table will be more lively than usual.

Image: Japanese/folk art
Size: Diameter approx. 24.0cm Height approx. 6.5cm
Perfect Dishes: Fried chicken/fried noodles with sauce for 2 to 3 people
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

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A medium bowl can be used in a variety of ways, such as serving juicy side dishes, or as a small bowl or soup bowl.
We recommend choosing a bowl with a pattern on the inside of the bowl, as this will leave some space even when the food is served.

Naburi medium bowl karakusa pottery Hasami ware

A medium bowl with a distinctive shape, with gently spreading edges.
The relaxed arabesque pattern and swaying shape will accent your dining table.

You can enjoy not only Japanese food, but also salads, mapo tofu, and any other type of cuisine.

〇From gohanganbaruyo (instagram)

Image: Japanese/Nordic
Size: Diameter approx. 17.5cm Height approx. 6.5cm
Perfect Dishes: Salad bowl, lightly boiled chicken wings
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: 〇

Flowering melon deep plate Porcelain Fuchi Asobi Hasami ware

A deep bowl with a neat flower shape and traditional painting.
You can see the elegant dyeing from any angle, such as the delicate mesh pattern and the flower pattern drawn on the side.

Even if you just add a salad or stir-fry to it, it will turn out to be a great dish.

Image: Japanese/Standard
Size: Diameter approx. 18.0 x 15.0cm Height approx. 5.0cm
Perfect dish: Meat, potatoes, and horse mackerel pickled in Nanban
Microwave: 〇  Dishwasher: 〇

Shinogisori Bowl M LEAVES Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

This bowl looks like Western tableware, with a cute indigo leaf pattern decorating the rim.

It's the perfect size as a salad bowl for one person.
The blue color of the painting complements the green and red, making it a great addition to any salad.

Image: Western/elegant
Size: Diameter approx. 14.0cm Height approx. 5.0cm
Perfect Dishes: Salad/Simmered pumpkin
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

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Small bowl

A small bowl that is often used to serve side dishes, pickles, etc.

Similar to small plates, if you try incorporating small bowls with slightly flashy patterns and colors that would be difficult to challenge with large bowls, they will become an accent to your dining table.
Also, choosing tall plates to create a difference in height from other plates will create a firmer impression.

Small bellflower bowl, yellow porcelain, Hasami ware

This small bowl has a clean flower shape and a bright yellow color, giving it an elegant appearance.

Those who think it would be difficult to match colors should try this color.
Green, red, brown, white, all kinds of colors look great, and I think it would also be cute to put fruits or desserts in it.

〇From taru_mama33 (instagram)

Image: Japanese and elegant
Size: Diameter approx. 12.0cm Height approx. 5.0cm
Perfect Dishes: Soaked green vegetables, vinegared dishes
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Hexagonal small bowl, check, semi-porcelain, Arita ware

Image taken from official Instagram

A small bowl with a textile-like plaid pattern that gives it a pop atmosphere.

Perfect size when you want to add a little extra item, such as potato salad or kimchi.
It would also be great to add small fruits such as strawberries or grapes.

Image: Western/Cute
Size: Diameter approx. 12.0cm Height approx. 2.5cm
Perfect Dishes: Cut fruits and pickles
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Small triangular bowl, Sabannan pottery, Minami kiln, Mino ware

A truly unique silhouette that changes from a rounded waist to a triangular silhouette.
Based on Vietnam's Annam ware, the painting is distinctive.

It adds an accent to the round pottery and makes the table full of expression.

Image: Japanese/Oriental
Size: Diameter approx. 10.0cm Height approx. 5.5cm
Perfect Dishes: Kimchi Ice Cream
Microwave: × Dishwasher: ×

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Tea bowl

A rice bowl that is familiar to Japanese dining tables.
You want to find your favorite because it's something you use every day.

The key to looking stylish is to choose a material with a whitish color or a warm color.
Even if you add rice accompaniments such as salmon roe, cod roe, or natto, the colors will not conflict with each other, creating a calm atmosphere for the entire dining table.

Tea bowl pine pottery kotohogi Hasami ware

A rice bowl with an impressive boldly dyed pine.

The pine tree, which is considered a lucky charm, is also said to be a symbol of longevity because it is an evergreen tree that never dies.
I would like to cherish my daily meals while emulating the pine needle pattern.

Image: Japanese/Standard
Size: Standard size (unisex)
Range: ○ Dishwasher:○

Rice bowl HARU pottery inlay Mino ware

The pine needle pattern on the surface of the rustic pottery has a nostalgic, but somehow modern feel to it.

It has a wide mouth and a sturdy and stable shape, which is great for foodies.
You can also enjoy ochazuke topped with grilled salmon and rice with egg.

Image: Standard, rustic
Size: Standard size (unisex)
Range: ○ Dishwasher:○

White makeup shaving rice bowl, pottery, Mino ware

This is a powdered rice bowl with a pattern created by carving each strand with a plane.

It has an attractive simplicity that complements the dishes.
It's a little small, so it looks delicious even if you pile it up and serve it.

Image: Natural and rustic
Size: Slightly smaller size (easy for women to hold)< br>Microwave: ○ Dishwasher: ○

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A mug that is used frequently throughout the day, from a cup to wake you up at breakfast to a cup of tea to take a breather.

Things that you use every day should have simple designs, but with flavorful textures and colors.
When entertaining, choose something with a distinctive handle or pattern.

It's fun to use stylish mugs in different ways.

Cafe Mug Sherbet Gray Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

Then you will see a cafe mug with a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

The handle is wide and provides a perfect sense of stability.
The gentle texture feels good when you hold it with both hands, and it will make you feel soft and at ease.

Image: Natural Modern
Capacity: Slightly small 150ml (8th minute)
Microwave: ○ Dishwasher:○

Mino mug pottery Minami kiln Mino ware

This mug has an attractive calm color and rustic atmosphere.

It has a slightly rough texture and a warmth that is unique to earthenware.
The warm atmosphere of earthenware means you can use it for a long time without getting tired of it.

Image: Japanese and bitter
Capacity: Slightly larger 250ml (8th minute)
Microwave: ○ Dishwasher:○

Mug strawberry porcelain fruits Hasami ware

Just looking at this mug with a large strawberry on it will cheer you up.
The base color is beige, which is close to white, so it has a calming feel and is a design that suits adults as well.

If you serve tea in this mug when entertaining, it will instantly brighten up the table and create a fun atmosphere.

Image: Cute
Capacity: Slightly large 250ml (8th minute)
Microwave: ○ Food Washing machine:○

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This time, we introduced stylish tableware by category.
Did you find some stylish tableware that you want to try?

If you choose the pattern and shape consciously, it will give the impression that your usual dining table has been taken to a higher level.

At our store, we sell not only the Japanese tableware introduced above, but also a variety of other utensils, so if you'd like, please visit Uchiru, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home.

Uchiru, a pottery market to enjoy at home

We hope you find your favorite pottery and enjoy your everyday table scenes even more.