[Selecting stylish plates] 4 tips and 20 recommendations

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time we will introduce how to choose stylish tableware!

Plates are often used among tableware. Just by changing one plate, you can make your regular meals more delicious and vibrant.

However, when I think of buying better plates than usual,

If I'm going to buy it, I don't want to make a mistake...

There are many people who have a hard time choosing one.

The tableware store staff has selected 20 popular dishes that anyone can use to create a stylish dining table.

Why not enjoy coordinating your daily table with stylish and beautiful plates?

Also, Uchiru carries a variety of plates, so you can see a variety of them here.

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First, choose a simple and standard platter

If you don't like the idea of ​​choosing a stylish plate, try choosing a simple, standard platter first. It goes well with anything and will add an elegant touch to your dining table.

Mino ware chrysanthemum 8-inch plate white porcelain

The first thing I would like to recommend is this flower-shaped plate.

Although it has a Japanese-style atmosphere, it is not too simple and has individuality, and will brighten up your daily dining table.

Quoted from nikukyu1229 (Instagram)

It has just the right thickness and can be stacked for storage.
It has a simple design that you will never get tired of and is very easy to use, so you will want to stock up on some for your family.

With this plate, you'll be able to make your everyday meals look delicious and stylish.

Image: Natural and cute
Size: Approx. 24cm
Perfect dish: One plate dish< br>Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Rosemary 24cm plate Pottery Hasami ware

This is a Western-style item that I would like to recommend.

This is a plate with a lovely rim made with a rosemary motif.

The soft ivory color, rather than pure white, blends in well with the dining table and is suitable for any occasion.
The good news is that it is easy to remove stains and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

If you are not sure what to buy, why not start with this plate?

Image: Western/Elegant
Size: Approx. 24cm
Perfect dish: Pasta
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Round plate 24.5cm Silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

The raised edge of this plate gives it a clean look.
Modern design gently blends into modern life.

With deep colors that seem to be layered with brown, green, and gray, it has an attractive simplicity that naturally matches any dining table.

From shiho____mama (Instagram)

Since the surface is flat, it is easy to use for one-plate rice by placing a bean plate or bean bowl on top of a plate.

Image: Simple and modern
Size: Approximately 24.5cm
Perfect dish: One plate dish
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

7-inch relief plate, white porcelain, Kasumi Fujimura

A 7-inch plate with a frill-like edge as an accent.

The fluttering lines combined with the smooth, semi-matte texture create an adorable atmosphere.

The white color, like fresh cream, will make the color of the food stand out.

If you put your daily meals on this plate, you can look stylish.

Even a la carte dishes such as salad lunches will brighten up your dining table.

It will also be useful at home parties where friends are invited.
If you are looking for a plate that will add an elegant touch to your dining table, we highly recommend this plate.

Image: Elegant and cute
Size: Approximately 21cm
Perfect dish: Omelet rice
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Choose a platter with a color or pattern that you instinctively think is good

If you feel that a simple plate is not enough, try using colored or patterned plates.

There are so many different types of plates that you may be confused, but the key to choosing is to choose the one that you feel is good based on your intuition.

Take a quick look and choose the one that appeals to you.

Shinogi 7-inch plate LEAVES porcelain Koyo kiln Arita ware

While using traditional Arita ware techniques, the plates are made with a design and usability that fits modern times.

Your heart will be captivated by the carefully drawn patterns, one by one, using the traditional technique of "sometsuke".

From oinari.1504 (Instagram)

It gives a mature and elegant impression, so you can use it forever.

If you have one, it will definitely make your dining table look elegant and stylish!

Image: Elegant/Western
Size: Approx. 21cm
Perfect dish: Pasta
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Daisy 22cm plate gray porcelain Hasami ware

From traditional Hasami ware, we recommend the Daisy series.

A plate with a mature-looking daisy flower drawn in light ink.
It's not too flashy, but it has the power to brighten up your dining table.

You'll be mesmerized by the delicate flower patterns.

It has an elegant impression, but it is also durable and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use.

Use this plate to coordinate a gorgeous dining table with a variety of dishes.

Image: Elegant and cute
Size: Approx. 22cm
Perfect dish: Breakfast plate
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

7-inch plate, Gosuame arabesque, pottery, Tsuboya ware, Toshin kiln, Yachimun

Yachimun is a typical Okinawan pottery. It features a dynamic and soft pattern.

Although the design is unique, it is painted in two colors, dark blue and brown, giving it a calming impression.

The appeal lies not only in the design but also in the ease of use.

The height of the base and the rise of the edges are exquisite, making it very easy to use.

Yachimun makes your food look delicious and is extremely easy to use. This is a dish you should have at least one.

Image: Japanese, folk art
Size: Approx. 22cm
Perfect dish: Yakisoba
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

This article introduces the appeal of large plates in detail, so please read it if you are interested.

11 Japanese tableware platters that you want to incorporate into your daily life

Add bean plates and square plates to accent your dining table

Once you have decided on a large main plate, choose a plate to serve small side dishes and chopstick rests.

At that time, you can use a bean plate with a unique shape or a pattern to accent the dining table.
Because of its small size, it is easy to incorporate something a little flashy.

Also, since I think people often use round plates for the main dish, I also recommend adding a square plate.
It creates a rhythm on the dining table, which tends to have a lot of round dishes, and gives the whole thing a mature look.

Mini plate, stamp, gourd, porcelain, arbor

A gourd-shaped bean plate perfect for Japanese cuisine.

You can feel the subtle wobbling of the stamp, as if it were handwritten.

You can use it in all kinds of situations, such as using it as a soy sauce holder, putting pickles on it, and putting condiments on it.

From dashi_gura (instagram)

Just by placing small plates here and there, your dining table will instantly look stylish.

Image: Japanese/Cute
Size: Approximately 10cm
Perfect dish: Pickles
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Small hexagonal bowl, checked, semi-porcelain, Arita ware

A small bowl with a textile-like plaid pattern that gives it a pop atmosphere.
The bold patterns are attractive, reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.

It's cute to put small side dishes and sweets on it, but we also recommend using it as a cutlery holder.
Pair it with a wooden spoon or gold fork for a more stylish look.

The price is reasonable, so you can have several of them together with other types of bean plates, or you can put them together in a series.

Image: Western/Cute
Size: Approx. 12cm
Perfect dish: Small fruits
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Lucky bean plate rabbit Seikogama Kutani ware

The delicate pattern and tasteful rabbit pattern are impressive.
The gorgeous colors are eye-catching.

They're small and don't take up much space, so it's fun to have some unique small plates on hand.

Image: Japanese/Cute
Size: Approx. 10cm
Perfect dish: Soy sauce plate
Microwave:〇 Dishwasher:〇

Kutani ware Harektani kitten plate blue porcelain

The Harektani series was created using traditional Kutani ware paints to fit modern lifestyles.
The easy and approachable design is popular.

You can just add a small side dish or seasonings such as olive oil or butter.
It will brighten up your dining table.

The design is unique, but the colors are gentle, so even if you group them together in the same series, it will look unified.

Image: Cute
Size: Approximately 14cm
Perfect dish: Pickles
Electronic Range:〇 Dishwasher: ×

This article introduces the mamezara in detail, so please read it if you are interested.

20 recommended selections! Introducing stylish and cute utensils

Square plate 4.5 dimensions porcelain hana Arita ware

A square plate with a cute pattern of cheerful blooming flowers.
It looks like a flower garden with small flowers scattered all over it.

Place a few side dishes for one person.
When everyone gathers, it will be a great way to decorate the table as a plate.

Image: Cute
Size: Approx. 12cm
Perfect dish: Japanese sweets
Microwave :〇 Dishwasher:〇

Square plate Pique brown pottery ORIME Hasami ware

The pique pattern with lots of tiny triangles is cute.
It has a modern look typical of Hasami ware, and is the perfect size for snack plates, serving plates, etc.

After serving the food, the pique pattern that can be seen on the bottom will add an accent.

Image: Scandinavian/Modern
Size: Approximately 12cm
Perfect dish: Muffins
Microwave oven:〇 Dishwasher:〇

This article introduces square plates in detail, so if you are interested, please read it.

When you want a change to your usual dining table, "square plates" come in handy! !

Create a sense of unity by aligning your style

Many people may be worried that they don't know how to arrange their plates.

When creating table coordination, it can be difficult to combine plates.
What I would like to recommend is that you arrange your plates with the style in mind.

You can easily create a sense of unity by aligning works by the same artist, region, brand, etc.

Beach play

A deep plate with a clean flower shape and sharp painting that gives it an elegant appearance.

The red lines drawn with a fine brush stand out well on the transparent, slightly bluish white porcelain.

The utensils from the "Fuchi Asobi Series" have a modern Japanese feel, yet have a clean design.

From taru_mama33 (Instagram)


A long rectangular plate with a herringbone pattern made from textile motifs.

The pattern is made using a stamp, and the design looks like it is made by pasting fabrics together, giving it an interesting handcrafted feel.

The clean appearance gives it a modern impression and will complement any type of cuisine.


A bowl with rosemary painted around the rim.

The muted color makes it easy to match with any kind of food, giving it a chic and mature atmosphere.

This rosemary series tableware will add a dignified elegance to your everyday dining table.

Konfuku Square Plate Large Ceramic Wooden

The next thing I would like to introduce is Kinone's pottery.

The color of Konfuku is a white with a mixture of beige and brown, which is unique to Konfuku.
The slightly reddish color in some places gives it a rich texture.

Just put bread rolls, salad, and fruit on one plate and your morning plate is ready!

The gentle appearance of these utensils will bring a smile to your everyday dining table.

You can view Kinone's pottery here.
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Once in a while, have fun with woodwork and glass plates

If you feel tired of the usual plates or want to change things up, try using plates with unusual materials or shapes.

Just one wooden plate or glass plate can completely transform your dining table.

Plate 210 Cherry Woodwork Koji Ishii

Just one wooden plate will give your dining table a soft impression.

Wood does not conduct heat easily, so you can place hot or cold items on it without worrying about it, so it is safe for children.

The wooden utensils are carefully made from solid wood and will give you a gentle feeling just by using them.

You can use it freely.
You can also use it as a bread plate or put snacks on it!

You can also make it into a stylish plate by putting various dishes on it.

Cutting board small cherry woodwork Koji Ishii

Wood cutting boards can be used for a variety of purposes and add style to your dining table.

It's a cutting board, so you can use it like a chopping board, but it's also great if you just put snacks on it, such as cheese or salami, and serve it as is.

If you use it for a long time, you can enjoy the change in color and shine.

If you have a cutting board when entertaining, it will look gorgeous just by itself, so it is convenient to have one on hand.

You can see other woodworking vessels here.
Woodworking vessels list page

Festival gold colored shallow bowl glass Tsugaru Vidro

Transparent glass plates make a great accent for your dining table.

A shallow bowl with a gorgeous atmosphere, made of colorful glass particles that sparkle like jewels and decorated with gold.

Even the colorless ground with no glass grains has a water surface-like appearance, which shows the craftsman's commitment.

You can put whatever you want on it, such as fruits or cold dishes.

The shadow cast on the table is also one of the highlights.

If you shine a light on it, a beautiful rainbow-colored shadow will appear, just like when you look through a kaleidoscope.

Pudding Ara Mode Comport Glass Tomosa Imamura


As the name suggests, the glass container is perfect for putting pudding a la mode.

The compote part is a 4 -inch dish size, so you can enjoy not only pudding but also ice and fruits.

The short stem is not pretentious and cute.

One by one, you will want to use the brown glass container carefully on a special day.

Other glass containers can be viewed here.


Various types of dishes are introduced, such as simple dishes, colors and patterns, unique ingredients and shapes, and traditional dishes.

The impression changes depending on how you combine the dishes, so please collect and enjoy various dishes.

Uchi sells not only the dishes introduced this time but also various dishes.

Please take a look at the link below.

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Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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