[2nd half of 2022 best selling ranking] Top 20 popular Japanese tableware in Uchiru

Hello! This is Uchiru Editorial Department.

Before you know it, 2022 is almost here.
This year has seen an increase in pottery fairs and artist solo exhibitions, and there have been many opportunities to actually touch and purchase pottery.

"When I saw the venue's situation on SNS, I started wanting some nice pottery...!"

For those people, we would like to introduce the top 20 best-selling utensils that will be popular in the second half of 2022 from the approximately 3,000 items that Uchiru handles!


In addition, the popular pottery that is ranked every year is not included in the ranking, but is introduced here as ``Hall of Fame pottery.''

Hall of Fame pottery list page


Now, let's take a look at them in order, starting with number one!

1st to 10th place

1st Place Hana Plate Porcelain Ichichin Yellow Flower Arita Ware

A main dish with a flower pattern that will brighten up your dining table

The most popular tableware in the second half of 2022 is a plate with many yellow flowers drawn on it.

The size makes it easy to use as a main dish for side dishes such as pasta and meat and potatoes, and the cute design will tickle girls' hearts.

From sou_ryou (instagram)

One of its popular points is that it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, making it easy to use on a daily basis.

2nd place 21.5cm oval black matte porcelain Arco Mino ware

Any dish can be turned into a stylish cafe menu

Second place is an oval plate with a deep black color that gives it a mature look.

By taking advantage of the horizontal shape, you can put grilled fish on it, or put cake and fruit on it as a snack, and the simple design goes well with any food you want to serve.

to.momi71 (Instagram)

They are not too tall and can be stacked neatly, so you can have several for your family or for guests.

3rd place Small bowl, blue porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

One of the must-have Japanese tableware

Third place is a dyed small bowl that is easy to use as a staple of Japanese cuisine.

Perfect for small side dishes such as boiled soup stock and cut fruit, and is a perfect size for everyday use as a staple at the dining table.

From taru_mama33 (instagram)

The blue lines that stand out against the white background are elegant, and although simple, they will gently complement your dishes.

4th place Natural wood dinner spoon

Good taste and addictive feel

A dinner spoon made from a fruit tree called Sao in Indonesia.

It is lightweight and easy to hold, making it a useful item for everyday use.

5th place Round plate 24.5cm Silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

Simple design suitable for modern life

This 8-inch plate has a layered beige and brown color that goes well with any kind of food.

The size and form are attractive and can be used in a wide range of situations, from main dishes such as pasta to one plate with an assortment of dishes, to large plates that you want to share.

6th place Wakura Porcelain Mino Ware Large

A cool and cool atmosphere typical of Japanese tableware

This large bowl has a greenish-brown color that resembles fallen autumn leaves and will blend naturally into your daily dining table.

It's the perfect size to serve with lots of fried chicken and meat and potatoes, and to share with others, making it perfect for entertaining.

7th place 21.5cm oval silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

A staple at snack time

An oval plate with a soft beige color that gives it a natural feel.

It has a cuter impression than the second place black oval plate, and goes well with cakes and baked goods.
It would be nice to use them in different colors.

8th place: Small bowl of rest, gray porcelain, Mino ware

Sharp form is stylish

A neat, octagonal small bowl.

The design is easy to match with any genre, such as simmered hijiki for Japanese cuisine, or olives and pickles for Western cuisine.

9th place Striped plate gray semi-porcelain Mino ware

An excellent item that creates an accent on your dining table

A long rectangular plate with a warm and exquisite gray stripe.

You might think of grilled fish on a long rectangular plate, but if you put a cup of tea on top and place baked goods in the empty space, it becomes a stylish dessert plate.

This is a plate that you would want to actively incorporate into a dining table that tends to have a lot of round plates.

10th place Multi-bowl with ears Pottery Villa Mino ware

Blue tableware that makes your food stand out

A round bowl with small ears as its charm.
It has a calming turquoise color, so it is perfect for those who are buying blue pottery for the first time.

The atmosphere goes well with soups such as gooey stews and minestrone with lots of ingredients.

11th to 20th place

11th place Kikyo small bowl yellow porcelain Fuchiasobi Hasami ware

The clean flower shape and bright yellow color make an outstanding impact.

Green, red, brown, white, all kinds of colors look great, so if you think it would be difficult to match them, this is the pottery for you to try.

12th place Bowl S Silver White Porcelain Cuole Mino Ware

A medium bowl with a clean and stylish form.

The size makes it useful for everything from side dishes like minced pumpkin to salads, soups, and desserts.

13th place: Large plate, mustard, porcelain, kei, Mino ware

It is a round, moon-like plate.

It's the perfect size as a main dish for one person, and is perfect for everyday staples such as pork cutlet and ginger grilled dishes.

14th place: Puffy shaved mug, potter's wheel powder, pottery, Mino ware

A mug with a chubby form that is soothing to the gentle and gentle expression of the powder coat.

The capacity is about 250ml, which is neither too small nor too large, so you can enjoy everything from breakfast soup to tea time.

15th place Harry Rest Brownie Porcelain Hasami Ware

A hedgehog chopstick rest with a plump and cute form.

The hollow of the nose holds the chopsticks firmly, making it extremely practical.

16th place Natural wood two-pronged fork

A bifurcated fork made from a fruit tree called Sao in Indonesia.

It goes well with Japanese sweets and fruits, giving it a slightly elegant atmosphere.

17th place Small bowl, red porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

A small bowl with a twisty design that is full of dynamism.

The red line has a gorgeous look and is great for celebrations.

18th place Small plate Suna Karatsu Mishima pottery Mino ware

A small plate with a perfect balance of charming carved patterns and tasteful iron points.

The gentle color of pale gray goes well with any dish, and it seems like it will be a staple on the dining table.

19th place Double-ended small towel holder Suzutake Iwate Torigoe Bamboo Crafts

This is a towel holder made of Suzu bamboo work with beautiful zame weave.

Not only can it be used as a wet towel holder, but it's also great for placing rice balls and sweets on top of a sheet of bedding.

From se_ra1031 (Instagram)

20th place Thousand-dan bowl Wakura porcelain Mino ware

This medium bowl has a greenish brown color that resembles fallen leaves in autumn, giving it a cool and cool atmosphere.

It is perfect for side dishes for one person such as boiled pumpkin, Western-style side dishes such as marinated tomatoes, and vanilla ice cream with brown sugar syrup, making it easy to use.

Hall of Fame vessel

We would like to introduce some of our ``Hall of Fame Utsuwa'' that have been popular ever since we opened our store and are in the top sales rankings every year.

You can see other products that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Hall of Fame utensils list page

All of them are easy to use, and people often purchase multiple copies for their families and guests.

This is a container that has been chosen by customers for a long time, so no matter which one you choose, I think it will be useful not only at home, but also as a gift.

Uchiru Staff's Best Buy

Our store staff, who loves utensils, would like to introduce some of the items we would like to recommend, saying, ``I'm so glad I bought them this year and saw them in person!''

Plate kai Konparu Koji Aoki

Durable enough to be used safely for children

I've always been interested in Aoki's pots because of their bright colors and exquisite forms.

We took the plunge and prepared a kai for children and a slightly larger pao for adults.

I thought it might be too early for children because of its delicate appearance, but it's surprisingly ok!

It's light enough to fit in small hands, and has a matte texture that won't slip, so you can carry your food with confidence.

Not only did the children like the beautiful colors, but the dishes looked great, which increased the motivation of the cooks, so there are many good things about these utensils.

You can view Aoki's pottery here.

Koji Aoki list page

Grill plate half Banko ware

Not only is it easy to use, but it also looks cute

“You can just grill vegetables with this and it will be delicious!”

I purchased this grill plate because it was recommended to me by the staff member who purchased it and I had been interested in it for some time.

As recommended, the far infrared power of Banko ware makes the ingredients plump and juicy.

Of course it is easy to use, but the main point is that the plump handle and rounded shape are just so cute.

For more information, please see this article.

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In addition to the ones introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of utensils!
Please find your favorite.

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