14 selections of Japanese tableware that you want to incorporate into your daily life: small plates and small plates

Hello! This is Yamazaki from the Uchiru Editorial Department, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home.

Suddenly, do you have any items that you just can't help but collect?
Plates that are cute and easy to hold in your hand, and are easy to express your personality, are sure to be collected by both pottery fans and non-pottery fans.

The good thing about this product is that it is reasonably priced compared to other pottery.

This time we will introduce the charm of mamezara, from simple items that you would like to use on a daily basis to unique items that you would like to display as interior decoration.

A piece for everyday use that is easy to incorporate into anything

Mino Ware Powder Cutting Plate

Among all types of utensils, white is the one that can be used for any kind of cooking. This pattern, called shinogi, is created by carving out each strand with a plane. Due to the unevenness, the glaze is applied sparsely, and the expression changes slightly on each piece.

When you take a breather, treat yourself with a piece of cake.
Use it as a small plate to serve side dishes.

Because it is simple, please find your own way to use it.

Small Omame Plate Walnut ivory + Yuki Ando

As the name suggests, it is a container shaped like a bean.
``The taste of wood as a tool that has meaning in its use.'' The Omame plate is filled with the thoughts of its creator, Yuki Ando, ​​and has subtle carvings on its surface, allowing you to truly enjoy the taste of wood.

Add small sweets for guests or enjoy as a cutlery rest.
Just one piece will brighten up your dining table.

Linda plate S blue semi-porcelain Atelier Kiut Makiko Koide

The Linda series has a pattern inspired by a forest. The glossy blue color is impressive.

Some people may have the impression that blue reduces appetite, but it actually creates a sharp contrast, making it perfect for plating food. It will brighten up even simple dishes.

If it becomes possible to stack and store items, you will want to have enough for your whole family.
There are three color variations: gold black and white. Why not use them depending on your mood?

Round plate XS Nile blue pottery Hidetoshi Miyagi

This one is different from the previous one, with an impressive refreshing blue color.
The sparkling surface is smooth to the touch, and you'll have trouble deciding what to put in it.

Since it is a little deep, it can be used for soups such as ohitashi, served with potato salad, and at this time of year, persimmon compote looks good with the orange color.

If you have a unique pottery in this world, where each piece has a different color unevenness in the glaze, you will love it even more.

Even if you don't use brightly colored pottery, it might be a good idea to have one.

Hasami ware ORIME herringbone round bean plate white pottery

This bean plate has a soft ceramic texture, which is unusual for Hasami ware, which is often made of porcelain.
The herringbone pattern is also a rare and cute pattern for modern Hasami ware.

ORIME is a series of vessels with textile motifs, and the design takes advantage of the unevenness of patterns and colors to express the texture of the cloth.

It would also be cute to add condiments or a little dessert on top.

Cute retro bean plate that you'll want to use

Mame plate, stamp, sunflower, porcelain arbor

A sunflower bean plate with many flower patterns in full bloom inside the petal-like border.
The small pattern is arranged in a modern style, so it has a somewhat nostalgic design. It is drawn using a process called stamping, which has been passed down since the Edo period, and involves transferring a block onto a base material.

You can put pickles, condiments, or soy sauce on top.
This is truly a classic and stable bean plate.

Round plate, beans, dots, cream, pottery, Kigama

A cute bean plate with a large dot pattern and cream color. The edge is the same dark color as the dots, so the impression of the bean plate is very strong.

It is made using a technique called slipware, which involves drawing wave patterns and straight lines using mud, which is dissolved in water.

It's a truly retro and cute piece that has a cuteness in its bitterness.

4-inch plate, Tobikanna, candy rim, pottery, Koishiwara ware

Toho Village is located in the south-central part of Fukuoka Prefecture. The Koishiwara ware fired there began to attract attention due to the folk art movement.

Among Koishiwara ware, the unique geometric pattern of the flying plane is popular, and the pattern created by the two-color glaze is impressive.

Since it is a 4-inch plate, it is perfect not only as a serving plate, but also for serving small side dishes.

Round 5-dimensional plate Imari gourd porcelain Arita ware

This bean plate has adorable gourds of various colors.
It is said that six gourds with a wide end are said to bring good luck and are said to be a talisman for good health.

It is also recommended as a gift because it has a delicate gourd design on a transparent white background. Since it is considered auspicious, it can be used for celebrations such as the first meal or longevity.

Small round plate Kokeshi Shimashima porcelain Mori Tobo Tobe ware

A small plate from the KAORI series with adorable kokeshi decorations.

Tobe ware is also called ``fighting bowl,'' and it is said to be strong enough to not break even if used during a fight between husband and wife. It has a cute face and is a reassuring dish.

Put it at the entrance and use it as an accessory tray. The kokeshi dolls seem to be smiling and saying good-bye, and I feel like I'm going to have a good day.

It's already art! A bean plate that is fun to decorate

Bean plate triangular feather yellow pottery Momoneri pottery studio. Momoe Kusanagi

This miniature plate is made using a technique called ``kneading,'' which involves stacking different colored clay to create a cross-sectional pattern.

It may be easier to imagine if you think of Kintaro candy or cookies.

It's hard to incorporate patterns like this into everyday use, but if you're using a small plate, it can be a focal point. Great for dining tables and interior decorations. It's a versatile piece.

Small plate Augsya pottery Nomo Pottery Manufacturing Yachimun

This bean plate, which has a distinctive chubby button-like design, is from Yachimun in Okinawa.

The transparent blue-green glaze is called Augsuya in Okinawa. It's like the endless ocean of Okinawa.

The thick container has a sturdy appearance that doesn't look cute, and it looks like it would be a good place to put accessories, keys, etc.

Kimono plate Temarihana Porcelain M's Kimono store Imari ware

From the moment I saw it, it was a waste to use it as a container! It's so cute that I thought. Because each piece is painted by hand, the thickness of the lines and the way the pattern is applied may vary slightly, so you can find a piece that is uniquely yours.

If you were to put it on something, what would it be? Japanese ingredients such as bean sweets and Japanese sweets seem to be a good fit. However, I still think that it is best to display it as an object.

Teacup-shaped plate, arrow feather round pattern, porcelain, Arita ware

This is also a teacup-shaped plate that you would like to display as an object.
It is colored with indigo and gold, and the traditional pattern has a modern finish.

Since it is tea cup shaped, it can be served with sugar cubes or chocolate to accompany tea time. It might be a good idea to use it as a teaspoon rest.

This item is recommended as a gift for a friend or loved one.


Mame plates have many uses, such as adding soy sauce, pickles and condiments, and serving snacks for guests. I'm sure many of you read it thinking, "How would I use it myself?"

Mamesara has the fun of being able to collect them however you like, whether you arrange them in the same shape or in different shapes.

If you would like to see more mamezara, please take a look here as well.

List page of small plates and small plates

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