[How to use a bean plate (soy sauce plate)] For reference for stylish table coordination

Hello! This is Uchiru Editorial Department.

This time, I will introduce how to use a mamezara.

Mamesara is a small plate that is the size of the palm of your hand.
It is also sometimes called a soy sauce dish.

The prices are often cute, and I'm sure many of you have had the experience of buying something on impulse.

On the other hand,
``I want to buy a plate, but I don't know what to put on it.''
There are many worries about this plate.

This time, we will introduce how to use mamezara along with photos of stylish dining tables!

 From chipigram (Instagram)

By mastering the use of small plates, you will be able to create an elevated dining table.

I want to see what kind of bean plate there is first! You can view it here.
Mame plates/small plates list page

Standard way to use mamezara

Use as a soy sauce plate

From yuka.i.mt (Instagram)

A soy sauce dish served next to sashimi.
Many people may try using this method first.

In addition to soy sauce, it also appears in many home-cooked dishes, such as sauce for gyoza, ketchup for potatoes, and chili sauce for spring rolls.

Add a small side dish

From gohangram021 (Instagram)

Serve with small side dishes such as dips and marinades.

It's nice to serve it next to a large plate, but just putting it in a small plate will give it a more neat look.

It will be fun to choose a bean plate for each dish.

Place condiments and pickles

From ururun_u.u (Instagram)

Perfect size for pickles and condiments.

It would be fun to choose a small plate as an accessory for large plates such as bowls.

Place small sweets

From uni_noie (Instagram)

Not only at meal time but also at snack time.

It's perfect for when you're doing housework or work, or just one bite after dinner,
when you just want something a little sweet!

It's also nice to liven up snack time with super cute plates.

How to use it with a twist

Here's how to use it at a slightly higher level.

I will introduce coordination that will make using small plates more fun.

Arrange many bean plates

From dashi_gura (Instagram)

Coordination similar to a set meal, with side dishes placed little by little on a bean plate.

Putting it on a tray creates a cohesive impression.

If you arrange the side dishes and staples left in the refrigerator in this way, it will look more elaborate.

Chopstick rest/cutlery rest

From Nishitomi Ceramics (Instagram)

Using a bean plate as a cutlery rest is perfect for large spoons and forks!

You don't have to go to the trouble of preparing a cutlery rest, you can use a bean plate instead.
It can also be used as a plate, killing two birds with one stone.

Used for butter and jam to accompany bread

From mikasko (Instagram)

It is useful not only in Japanese cuisine but also in Western cuisine.

Put a small amount of butter or jam for toast on a bean plate.

You can serve it as is in a jar or butter case, but it gives it a special feel and looks like a hotel breakfast.

Place the bean plate on the plate

From serendipity775 (Instagram)

Place a bean plate or bean bowl containing food on a flat platter and use it as a partition.

Juicy side dishes and desserts such as yogurt can also be served together with one-plate meals.

It will create sharpness on the plate and improve the balance.

Use as an accessory tray

It's also great for holding accessories that tend to get lost, such as earrings and rings.

As part of your interior decoration, you can place it in a place where you can see it, such as on a display shelf.

If you are interested in bean plates and bean bowls

This time, we introduced how to use bean plates and bean bowls.

Did you find a way to use it that you would like to incorporate?

Please feel free to use your own ideas when using mamezara.

You can view the small plates introduced this time from this page.

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