[Chopsticks] 12 recommended choices! We will also introduce how to choose shapes, materials, etc.

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Chopsticks are an essential item at the Japanese dining table.

I think there are many people who want to find their favorite item because it is something they use every day.

Although the structure is simple, small differences such as thickness and length can make food easier to eat and make it taste more delicious.

Since this item comes in direct contact with your mouth, you want to be particular about the material.

In this article, we will introduce 10 recommended chopsticks that will come in handy in your daily life.

If you would like to see a variety of chopsticks, you can also view them from the link below.

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How to choose chopsticks

If you are unsure, this is it! Chopsticks that are easy to use every day

"I want better chopsticks because I use them every day."

"I'd like to send chopsticks as a present"

Do you ever find yourself looking for something on the internet or in a store, but you don't know which one to choose?

In such cases, we recommend pentagonal chopsticks with a simple design.

Pentagonal chopsticks Tame KORINDO

Glossy and elegant, lacquered pentagonal chopsticks.

There are three recommended points.

・Easy to hold and non-slip form
・Lacquer coating that feels comfortable in the hand
・Durable enough to be used in the dishwasher

Pentagonal chopsticks allow the corners of the chopsticks to fit easily between your fingers, making it easy to hold them correctly.

With the traditional Echizen lacquering method, each piece is hand-painted by craftsmen without using any chemical paints.

Although it is lacquered, it is also dishwasher safe, so you can use it every day without hesitation.


Three points when choosing chopsticks

1. Size that fits your hand

It is said that the size of chopsticks is ``Hito-Ata-han'' which is easy to hold.

"Ichiman" is the length of the line connecting the fingertips of the index finger and thumb, spread at a right angle.
It's "one and a half", so it's 1.5 times that amount.

Generally speaking, the height is around 22.5cm for adult men and around 21cm for women, so please use this as a guideline when choosing.

2. Easy to hold shape

The shape of the chopsticks makes a difference in how they fit when held.

Each of the commonly seen shapes has differences in ease of holding and stability.

Round…There are no corners, so it feels comfortable to hold, even if you squeeze it too hard. Your hands won't hurt easily.
Octagonal shape...It feels close to a round shape, and has a surface that gives it a sense of stability.
Fentagonal...The corners of the chopsticks fit between your fingers, making it easy to hold them neatly.
Square…The surface is wide, making it easy to stabilize.

The closer it is to a circle, the smoother it feels to hold, and the fewer corners it has, the less likely it will roll, giving it a sense of stability.

We recommend choosing one based on how you hold your chopsticks.

3. Material

If you want some better chopsticks...
We recommend wooden chopsticks, which give you the warmth of natural materials.

Many materials such as marasu, birch, and bamboo are highly durable and water resistant.

Ebony and rosewood, which have been used for building materials and furniture since ancient times, are attractive for their lustrous, solid appearance and high strength.

However, if you leave them in a wet state, they may become discolored or moldy, so choosing chopsticks that are coated with lacquer or urethane will last longer.

Elegant chopsticks that are dishwasher safe

Pentagonal chopsticks, sumi flavor, dishwasher safe chopsticks

Sturdy wooden chopsticks with excellent water resistance and durability.

While it has a natural wood grain feel, the deep ink color gives it a modern feel.

The tip is not too sharp, so you can carry foods that break easily, such as tofu, to your mouth neatly.

Shape/thickness: Pentagonal/medium
Material: Merkaba urethane coating
Dishwasher: Yes

Extra-fine chopsticks, red, dishwasher safe chopsticks

Slim chopsticks! These chopsticks are slender, slender, and have an elegant appearance, which we recommend to those who want them.

Anyway, I feel that the delicate silhouette makes the hands that hold the chopsticks look beautiful.

As it is made of multiple layers of thin board material, it is strong enough to be used in a dishwasher even at this thinness.

Shape/thickness: square/extra fine
Material: Japanese birch/vegetable wax
Food Machine washable: Possible

Chopsticks with a casual look

Tenbushi chopsticks, extra-fine white bamboo, bamboo craft

The bamboo chopsticks have a design that retains the bamboo's knots, giving it a tasteful atmosphere.

Bamboo has a higher fiber density than wood, making it less likely to break even when the tip is cut into a fine shape.
The tip is thinly shaved, so you can grip even a single bean with confidence.

An added bonus is that soy sauce and other sauces do not easily transfer color.

Shape/Thickness: Square/Thin
Material: White bamboo
Dishwasher: Not possible

Laminated chopsticks Ryusei yellow skin dishwasher safe chopsticks

These chopsticks are made of laminated birch wood from Hokkaido and are highly water resistant and durable.

Japanese birch is a high-quality material that is harder than regular wood and is also used for furniture.

Durability is increased by combining multiple layers of thin board materials.

With its natural atmosphere, it matches modern Japanese dining tables with a variety of cuisines such as Japanese, Western, Chinese, and ethnic.

Shape/thickness: Square/medium thickness
Material: Merkaba urethane coating
Dishwasher: Yes

Chopsticks from fruit tree tangerine tetoca

These chopsticks are made from fruit-bearing trees using only 100% pure high-quality beeswax.

The supple and hard mandarin tree is the perfect material for everyday chopsticks.

The handles are octagonal and easy to hold, and the tips of the chopsticks are square for easy grip.

We have a wide variety of lineups, so you can have them in different colors for your family and guests.

Shape/Thickness: Octagon/Medium
Material: Natural wood (tangerine) painted with beeswax
Dishwasher: Not possible

Modern and stylish chopsticks

Pentagonal chopsticks wipe lacquer white silver KORINDO

These are lacquered chopsticks with an elegant pearly color.

The two-tone color scheme of soft brown and silver gives it a modern color scheme and design.

The tips of the chopsticks are tapered, so you can easily catch beans that tend to roll.

Shape/Thickness: Pentagonal/Medium
Material: Natural wood/lacquer coating
Dishwashing Machine: Not possible

Ten-shaved pentagonal chopsticks peach KORINDO

These lacquered chopsticks have a very beautiful pink color.

The combination of muted peach color and gold creates a modern atmosphere.

This is a design that would make a great gift for people overseas.

Shape/thickness: Pentagonal/medium
Material: Natural wood (maras)/lacquer coating
Dishwasher: Not possible

Chopsticks chopstick bag set Mizutama Tsunoda Seibei Shoten

A set of Japanese cypress chopsticks and a cute chopstick bag.

The chopsticks are a compact 18cm size that is easy to carry with your lunch box.

It is also dishwasher safe, offering both functionality and ease of use.

The design has a Scandinavian atmosphere that will make your lunchtime fun.

Shape/Thickness: Round/Thick
Material: Domestic Hinoki/Glass Painting
Dishwashing Machine: Possible

Recommended chopsticks for couples and celebrations

Since chopsticks are used every day, they are often chosen as gifts.

Giving chopsticks means praying for ``wealth'' that you won't have to worry about eating, ``health'' that allows you to eat deliciously, and ``safety for your family.''

Also, when connected to a bridge, it has the meaning of a bridge that strengthens the bond between husband and wife, and the meaning of bridging happiness, and is said to be auspicious.

It would be nice to give a set of chopsticks in different colors as a couple's chopsticks as a wedding gift.

Dishwasher: Not possible

Echizen chopsticks, hexagonal gold leaf, six gourds, washed red, KORINDO

Lacquered chopsticks with six gourd designs.

Rokugon is an auspicious motif that prays for good health, good health, and longevity.

The hexagon is also shaped like a turtle shell, which is a symbol of longevity, so it is perfect as a gift for Respect for the Aged Day or a celebration of longevity.

Shape/Thickness: Hexagonal/Medium
Material: Natural wood/lacquer coating
Dishwasher Machine: Not possible

Octagonal chopsticks 23.5cm printed Ishikawa Shikhodo

These octagonal chopsticks have a beautiful glossy wood grain.

Using a technique called suri-urushi, raw lacquer is rubbed onto the wood many times to bring out the beauty of the wood grain.

The slender form and delicate chopstick tips create an elegant atmosphere.

The more you use the chopsticks, the more they become shiny, so they are perfect as gifts that will last a lifetime.

Shape/Thickness: Octagon/Thin
Material: Natural wood/lacquered
Dishwashing Machine: Not possible

A stylish chopstick rest that you can use together

Once you find your favorite chopsticks, what you want to use with them is a chopstick rest.

Just by placing your chopsticks on the chopstick rest, you can create a sense of orderliness on your dining table.

The size is small and you can easily change the atmosphere of your dining table, so if you have several of them, you can expand the range of table coordination.

Chopstick rest, dyed Chinaless, porcelain, Arita ware

You will be captivated by each carefully crafted petal.
It is solid and thick, and although it is small, it has a lot of presence.

This chopstick rest has a variety of expressions depending on the utensils you match it with, and you'll be looking forward to using it for a long time.

Chamfered chopstick rest, blue pottery, Mino ware

A clean and sharp appearance reminiscent of an iceberg.
Not only the design, but also the functionality of preventing the chopsticks from slipping off is a great feature.

The light color of the glaze and the texture of the earth match well, creating a calming meal time.

Colored Hashioki Collection Flowers and Birds Seikogama Kutani Ware

It has an attractive appearance that feels like a snapshot of the first day of spring.

It can be used not only for everyday use, but also for celebrations and New Year's parties.

It has a special feel, so it would be great as a small gift.

If you are interested in chopsticks...

Chopsticks vary in comfort depending on the material, thickness, and length.

Because you use it every day and for every meal, you want to choose something that is comfortable to use and that you will want to continue using.

At Uchiru, we sell not only the chopsticks introduced this time, but also a variety of other chopsticks.

Please take a look at the link below.

Chopsticks list page

In addition, this article introduces chopstick rests that you might want to use together.


Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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