[Recommended for those who love Scandinavian tableware! ] Introducing stylish Hasami ware that goes well with it

Hello, this is Taki from the editorial department of Uchiru, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home.

Nordic tableware with a simple and gorgeous impression, such as Arabic and Iittala.

Even casual everyday meals can become brighter by simply serving them on Scandinavian tableware.

Nordic tableware is wonderful, but due to differences in food culture, there may not be items that perfectly match Japanese food culture, such as bowls and chopstick rests.

In such a case, why not try incorporating Hasami ware?

Hasami ware has many designs that give a Scandinavian feel, and the prices are reasonable, so we recommend them.

This time, we would like to introduce a stylish Hasami ware series that we would recommend to people who like Scandinavian tableware, focusing on their patterns, colors, and shapes.

Editorial department selection! Hasami ware that goes well with Scandinavian tableware

"I know that Hasami ware goes well with Scandinavian tableware, but I wonder which one is best..."

There are so many types of Hasami ware, some with patterns, some without, and some colorful, that it can be hard to decide.

First of all, we would like to introduce five highly recommended Hasami ware items selected by the Uchiru Editorial Department from the perspective of ``going well with Scandinavian tableware.''

I chose it from this perspective!
・Does it go well with Scandinavian tableware on the dining table or cupboard
・Can it be used in Japanese cuisine
・Is it an item unique to Japanese food culture? Please

1. Tea bowl herringbone white pottery ORIME

A cute rice bowl with a rhythmic pique pattern.

Since it is white, it blends well with Scandinavian tableware with bold and vivid patterns.

From IU official Instagram

It goes well not only with rice, but also with yogurt and fruit.

2. Chopstick rest gray ceramic rosemary

The calm color makes this chopstick rest easy to match with any tableware.

Cinnamon rolls and cookies will be prepared to create a Scandinavian-style tea time.

3. Linker plate S Yuzuhada Shino porcelain calme

This flower plate is just the right size for a serving plate.

I can think of a table coordination that goes well with a large plate of Scandinavian tableware.

This muted color is a custom-made color from Uchiru!

4. Rice bowl yellow porcelain dahlia

This rice bowl has an eye-catching dahlia flower pattern.

Slightly small and easy to hold.

It goes perfectly with other dishes other than white rice, such as beans and rice and chirashi sushi.

The yellow pattern will make your dining table look gorgeous.

From here, we will introduce each series.

Modern and elegant pattern series


Hasami ware Nishiyama Daisy series from NISHIYAMA.

The design incorporates the daisy pattern often used in Scandinavian tableware.

The daisy pattern is slightly raised and you can feel the shading of the colors, giving you a sense of the warmth of the handiwork.

This is a wonderful tableware that has an elegant and mature atmosphere and will sit gently on your dining table.

The colors are blue and gray. There are two types: flower design and leaf design.

Not only the plates but also the tea cups are cute.

Although it is gorgeous, it is extremely easy to use as it blends easily with any dish.

Enjoy collaboration with gorgeous Scandinavian tableware.

Flower parade

A pottery with a nostalgic yet new impression.

The flower pattern is casual and perfect for everyday use.

It has a retro and nostalgic atmosphere that makes it hard to believe that it is Japanese tableware.

The combination of blue and white, which is unique to Japanese tableware, has an elegant and refreshing feel.

In addition to tori plates, there are also grilled plates. It's the perfect size to put grilled fish on.

For those who like Scandinavian tableware but have trouble finding plates that go well with Japanese food.

While it has a modern atmosphere, it goes perfectly with Japanese cuisine, so we recommend it.


A series with a modern and stylish herringbone pattern.

The motif is herringbone pattern textile.

The design uses unevenness to bring out the texture of the cloth, giving it a handmade feel.

The atmosphere matches Scandinavia, which is famous for textiles such as Marimekko.

If you are having trouble finding a tea bowl that you like, we recommend this tea bowl.

This bowl has a simple and sophisticated design, so it goes well with both Japanese and Western food.

It goes perfectly with Scandinavian tableware! There are two colors: brown and white. It would be nice to have them in pairs.

Cute colorful series


Rosemary has a calm and elegant color.

Available in 4 colors: amber, denim, ivory, and gray.

The delicate rosemary designs engraved on the edges of the plates and on the mugs instantly add style to your dining table.

It has a matte texture and a good taste. It is an excellent item that not only looks good but is also practical.

It would be great for everyday use or as a gift.

The beautiful shades of rosemary are mysterious, and the modern design makes it hard to believe that it is Japanese tableware.

Why not add it to your Scandinavian tableware?


Kikuwari series with chrysanthemum motif.

This is a popular series with its cute colorful colors and round shape.

The petals and their lines are clearly expressed, and just looking at them is mesmerizing.

The plates with gentle and calm colors are also nice.

The great thing about oval plates is that they are deep, so you can serve even juicy foods without worrying about it.

You can fill the small size with fruits and side dishes, and the large size with pasta, side dishes, and anything else you like.

The gorgeous design of chrysanthemums will brighten up your dining table.


The HASAMI series comes in a wide variety of colors.

The pop of color gives it an atmosphere similar to Scandinavian tableware Iittala.

The range ranges from SEASON01 to SEASON05s, and SEASON1 has mugs, plates, and other items with durable designs that can be used on a daily basis.

The designs are very simple and easy to use. Stacking is also convenient.

You can enjoy various color combinations, so you'll want to have several.

The price is also reasonable compared to Scandinavian tableware, so please check it out.



NUPPU series designed by a designer based in Finland, Northern Europe.

It would be nice if your baby's tableware was stylish and cute.

The gentle colors of NUPPU were designed with the image of flowers in mind.

The glaze colors are also based on colors found in nature, creating a gentle atmosphere that is perfect for babies.


It has a rounded design, is gentle to the touch, and is made from natural materials, so it can be safely used by babies.

Recommended as a baby shower gift.

A series with unique and beautiful shapes

sen frame

sen's frame series is made with picture frames as a motif.

It is an elegant vessel with a distinctive frill-like rim and golden rim, giving it a special feel.

Sizes range from large to small plate size. Please choose the size that suits your needs.

The large size serves pasta and side dishes, while the small plate size serves side dishes. It looks like a picture just by arranging it.

It has a sophisticated atmosphere and goes well with Scandinavian tableware.

Since the pottery has an antique feel, it can also be used as a container for storing accessories and small items.

It will give your room a much more sophisticated atmosphere.

It has a unique shape and a stylish design that you won't find anywhere else, so you'll want to display it in your room.

tori mini pot

Three simple and charming Tori brothers. Mini pots come in different sizes: large, medium, and small.

Capacity is around 60, 30, 20ml from the largest.

You can use it as you like, such as using it as a milk pitcher, adding dressing, or adding seasonings.

It's cute just to display it.

The warm and gentle impression overlaps with the Scandinavian Lisa Larson figurines.

A wooden tray is also included along with the mini pot.

The appearance of it in the brown cosmetic case is so cute that it makes me excited.

Not only does it look good, but it's also easy to use as it can be stacked!

It is sure to be a great gift.

sen Lemon plate

A cute plate shaped like a lemon.

At first glance, it may give a pop and childish impression, but the matte, calm yellow color is not too flashy, so it blends well with the dining table.

It's an oval plate with slightly raised edges, so you can serve even juicy foods.

The lemon plate comes in a special box, and there is a sticker with a charming illustration of a lemon on it.

Both the box and plate are cute and have a special feel. This is a perfect plate to give as a gift.

Why not give this as a gift to a friend who loves Scandinavian tableware?

Harry Rest

Cute hedgehog chopstick rest. This also seems to be suitable for people who like Scandinavian Lisa Larson's animal series.

There are two colors: bubble and brownie. It would be cute to have two in different colors.

Chopstick rests with animal motifs may seem childish, but their mature design makes them popular among adults as well.

The slightly curved nose makes it cute to hold chopsticks.

A wonderful item that will make your dining table look cute and fun.

This product is also recommended as a small gift, so if you can't decide on a small gift, try choosing one.

Table coordination using Hasami ware

When you decide to use Scandinavian tableware as your main plate, what do you do with the bowls and small bowls?

It's nice to serve rice on a flat plate, but I still want to use a rice bowl...

Hasami ware comes in handy at such times.

Hasami ware's smooth texture and rustic, warm colors are perfect for pairing with Scandinavian tableware.

Here, we will introduce table coordination using Hasami ware.

Quoted from IU officialinstagram

Hasami-yaki soba choko with a little bit of cold yakko.

The modern-looking pattern is neither too harsh nor too assertive...it will tickle the hearts of Scandinavian tableware lovers.

komehana.gohanQuoted from (instagram)

This coordination mainly uses Hasami ware platters.

The pattern with gentle colors is warm and cute!

You can also try coordinating small plates with Scandinavian tableware.

cuicui.memoQuoted from (instagram)

Place the bread on your favorite square plate and breakfast is ready.

Even if you don't have to go all out to make breakfast, you can make breakfast more fun by using your favorite utensils!

From with.lattice (instagram)

Turn your home into a cafe by serving curry on an oval denim plate.

The blank space on the rim brings out the flavor of the dish.

cuicui.memoQuoted from (Instagram)

Hasami ware with a modern design goes perfectly with desserts.

The contrast between the gray plate and the red apple is stylish!


We have introduced the Hasami ware series that we recommend to people who like Scandinavian tableware.

The simple and modern design of Hasami ware is sure to appeal to those who like Scandinavia.

It goes well with your Scandinavian tableware, so please enjoy coordinating your table with Scandinavian tableware and Japanese tableware.

At Uchiru, we sell not only the Hasami ware introduced this time, but also a variety of other Hasami ware.

Hasami ware list page

We also sell Scandinavian tableware such as Arabia and Iittala.

Nordic tableware list page

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!