There are many ways to use it! [Special feature] The charm of soba choko (soba choko)

As a container for dipping soba noodles Soba choko is widely known. Although it is called soba choko, it can also be used for other things besides soba. About soba choko, which can be used in a wide variety of ways, I would like to introduce it to you.

What is Soba Choco?

Originally a choko or small bowl for drinking sake, All teacups etc. are ``Choko''. It was called. Especially among the common people at the end of the Edo period. When soba restaurants became popular, has become frequently used A choko with a diameter of about 5 to 8 cm. So, this choko The choko mouth used to serve alcohol To distinguish it, it is called ``Soba choko''. Apparently he started calling me. The caliber of soba choko is still roughly the same. It is about 5 to 8 cm, and there is no high ground. It is characterized by its shape that spreads in a straight line towards the mouth. The origin of soba choko is the white porcelain skin. Painted with Gosu (indigo) It is said to be old Imari. Soba choko has been popular since ancient times, Nowadays, various colors and designs are available. Many are appearing. One soba choko From everyday dining to hospitality, Can be used in a variety of ways regardless of the scene, I want to collect all kinds of things. Here we will introduce the charm of soba choko.

Soba choko, various kinds

Soba choko (small) Gosu lily of the valley Porcelain Tobe ware Nakata kiln First of all, choose one with a design typical of the basic soba choko. Made by mixing white porcelain with rough clay With a simple and tasteful texture, Lily of the valley, rhombus, brush marks, etc. The pattern is drawn with warm brush strokes. Maybe that's why even though it's called white porcelain This is a soba choko with a somewhat friendly atmosphere. Ontayaki Tobikanna Sobachoco Pottery< /a> Representing Ontayaki, Soba choko with a geometric flying plane pattern. While retaining the warmth of folk crafts, It is attractive that it has a stylish impression. It's also great to use when drinking alcoholic beverages, such as sake or whisky. Hasami ware ORIME pique soba choko marron porcelain The soft color of marron A heartwarming Hasami-yaki soba choco. Because the color is bright, it can also be used as a soba choko. It can also be used as a coffee cup, Even if it's an ice cream cup Even if you add tea, it works perfectly! Sobachoco Shiroshinogi Pottery Yumiko Shimoya pale grayish The white background is neat and elegant. Yumiko Shimoya's soba choko. applied to the surface of the pottery It is characterized by the sharp cut edges. This one thing will clear the air on the table. Its dignified appearance is impressive. Nadebori Soba Choco White Semi-Porcelain Atelier Kiuto Beautiful color and texture, Atelier Kiuto's soba choko. The carefully carved wooden surface From the water surface-like pattern, You can feel the gentle touch in your palm. As a drink cup, etc. This soba choko is recommended for use in hand. Hoshi Dot-uchi Augsuya Drifting Kiln Yachimun Soba choko from Yachimun (pottery) in Okinawa. Reminiscent of the land of Okinawa, The pattern is drawn in a relaxed and carefree manner. It adds a bright color to the table.

Introducing how to use soba choko!

A soba choko that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Although it is small, it can be used in a wide variety of ways. It has various expressions depending on what you put in it. We will introduce you to some fun ways to use soba choko. Source: (instagram) The dignified white porcelain and Gosu's refreshing soba choko, Add some very cold sorbet. You can also add yogurt or cut fruit. Source: maki_maki610(instagram) Soba choko goes well with coffee. Try using a soba choko instead of a mug. As well as green tea and black tea, It's also great with herbal tea or chai. Source: (instagram) Potato salad or dipping sauce as a small bowl. Serve with regular dishes such as kinpira. Another feature of soba choko is that it is easy to eat with your hands. Before soba became popular, it was originally It was also used as a utensil for mukozuke. Since it is a soba choko, it goes perfectly with food. Source: On the breakfast table as a soup cup. Even on mornings when I'm not very hungry, If the capacity is about the size of a soba choko. It looks like it would be delicious. Source: Registered dietitian Takako Fujiyama (blog) If you use soba choko, you can also make chawanmushi. A very stylish item. Using soba choko with various designs, I would like to try making chawanmushi. Source: kokemaruko21 (instagram) The subtle color of the table Arrange the pretty flowers that bloom in the wild. Soba choko can also be used as a small vase. Soba choko has been loved and used for a long time, Even today, it is a staple of Japanese tableware. From food to drinks, snacks and flowers. This is a very easy-to-use container that can be used in a wide range of genres. It doesn't matter how many you have, so It's also a good idea to choose soba choko as a gift for your loved ones. For those who want to try different types of soba choko (soba choko) You can view the product list here.

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Once you have a nice soba choko in your hands, you can come up with various ideas. Please try using it in a slightly different way than usual. Blog writing: Pottery market to enjoy at home Uchiru