[Stylish cutlery] A must-see for those who are picky! How to choose and recommended introductions

Hello. This is Uchiru editorial staff.

This time, I will introduce cutlery.

First of all, cutlery is a general term for knives, forks, and spoons, and is a type of Western tableware.
It is called cutlery regardless of the material it is made of, such as stainless steel, brass, wood, or plastic, and its size and shape vary depending on the country.

Since it is something you use every day and comes into direct contact with your mouth, you want to choose something that is comfortable to use and that you like.

For those people, we will introduce cutlery by material.
We'll also introduce you to some wonderful cutlery makers and cutlery rests that you'll want to use at your dining table!

I want to see what kind of cutlery and chopsticks are out there! If so, please take a look here.

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How to choose cutlery

If you are unsure, this is it! Cutlery that is easy to use every day

"I want cutlery that feels special but is easy to clean!"

If you want something a little better than the cutlery you usually use, we recommend wooden cutlery first.

Natural wood dinner fork

Uchiru's long-selling product!
A wooden dinner fork with a natural feel.

There are three recommended points.

・Material is bamboo with beautiful wood grain
・Water resistant due to urethane coating
・Smooth texture

The color density and wood grain vary slightly, and no two are the same! That special feeling.

As it is carefully made, it has a pleasant texture and is smooth and addictive.

Since it is coated with a transparent urethane coating, it is easy to clean and is difficult to stain or mold.

There are many types other than dinner forks, so it's easy to get them in the same series.

Points to consider when choosing cutlery

1. Material

When buying a pair of slightly better chopsticks for the first time, we recommend wooden cutlery, which gives you the warmth of natural materials.

There are many fruit trees called Sao, which have excellent durability and water resistance.

Cherry blossoms and birch, which have been used for building materials and furniture since ancient times, are attractive for their beautiful wood grain and high quality feel.

However, if you leave them in a wet state, they may become discolored or moldy, so choosing chopsticks that are coated with lacquer or urethane will last longer.

2. Choose one that suits your frequently used scenes

If you're going to buy your favorite cutlery, you'll want to use it a lot.

Brass cutlery goes perfectly with Western food, so it is recommended for those who mainly use cutlery for Western food.

Wood cutlery goes well with both Japanese and Western cuisine, so it is recommended for those who often use cutlery even with Japanese cuisine.

3. Good taste

Since it is something that goes directly into the mouth, it is very important to choose something that is pleasant to the mouth so that it does not interfere with the taste of the dish.

Choose items with a smoothly polished surface, and when choosing metal cutlery such as brass, it is a good idea to choose items that are not only polished but also resistant to rust.

Recommended cutlery

From here, we will introduce recommended cutlery by material!

Wooden cutlery

Wood cutlery is easy to match with both Japanese and Western food.

The cutlery, which gives you a sense of the warmth of wood, goes well with the artist's handmade utensils, and is easy to use because it does not make a clicking sound when it comes in contact with the surface of a ceramic or glass vessel.

This item is safe for children and allows the whole family to enjoy mealtime together.

Natural wooden soup spoon

Uchiru's long-selling product!
This is a soup spoon made from Indonesian fruit tree called Sao.

It's lightweight, easy to hold, and useful for everyday use without stress.

Natural wood cutlery list page

Nature Table Spoon

A table spoon with a cute rounded shape.

The pot for scooping food is shallow and has a smooth texture.

Nature Jam Spoon

A jam spoon with a cute round design.

The handle is long, so you can scoop it all the way to the end even in jam jars with deep bottoms.

Nature cutlery list page

Fork NUT Tsunoda Seibei Shoten

The nice thing about wooden cutlery is that it is dishwasher safe, which is rare.

The triangular handle has a smooth curve, making it a fork that fits your fingers.

Curry Spoon TUGE Tsunoda Seibei Shoten

TUGE in different colors has a gentle atmosphere.

Kakuda Seibei Store List Page

Brass cutlery

Brass cutlery is easy to match with Western food.

The unique texture of brass and deep luster will add an elegant touch to your dining table.

The color changes to a deeper color each time it is used, which is unique to brass, which has the property of oxidizing on the surface when exposed to air.
The longer you use it, the more you will become attached to it and feel that it is your own unique antique.

It's also great to add to kitchen gifts such as tableware and cloths.

Brass dinner spoon

The scoop part has a deep depth, making it perfect for eating curry, stew, etc.

It is also useful when serving food or when serving large platters of food.

Brass dinner fork

The soft curved fork has an elegant appearance.

The claws are also long enough, making them perfect for main dishes such as pasta and thick meat dishes.

Mini fork brass Kiyoshi Haraguchi

A small fork with an antique feel.

A carefully polished, special appearance.

The tip of the fork is rounded and has a somewhat gentle expression.

List of brass cutlery

Lacquerware cutlery

Lacquerware cutlery is a perfect match for Japanese cuisine.

The more you use it, the more gloss it becomes, and you can enjoy the change in color.

Each piece has a different color and wood grain, giving it an attractive and unique look.
You can enjoy the gentle feel of using natural materials.

The glossy lacquer gives it a luxurious feel and will be useful for entertaining guests.

Curry Spoon Vermilion Ishikawa Shikhodo

A curry spoon with a long, elongated handle that is easy to hold.

The perfect size for eating rice dishes such as curry, fried rice, and risotto.
It would also be great to serve shiratama with ice cream and add it to a Japanese sweet parfait.

Astragalus Akebono Ishikawa Shikhodo

Astragalus with beautiful lacquer color.

The bottom part of the spoon is flat and stable, so it can be used in a stylish way, such as putting a mouthful of appetizer on top.

Okhotsk Spoon Medium Bengara Speckopeta

A spoon with a lovely and elegant fish shape.

We use lacquer from Abashiri, Okhotsk, which is particularly rare in Japan, for the top coat that comes into contact with the mouth.

Thanks to its smooth and non-irritating texture, it will make your meals more delicious.

Introducing the cutlery artist

Frel Tetsuya Yamada

"I want to aim for something that makes you want to touch it with your hands, something that you can feel the warmth of when you touch it."

The works born from this idea bring the blessings and warmth of nature into our lives.

Fork M Walnut Frell Tetsuya Yamada

The pentagonal handle is easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand.

The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are each shaped at an angle that makes it easy to place them.
It's extremely comfortable to use.

Frel Tetsuya Yamada list page

Koji Ishii

The concept of the works that are carefully created over time is always one.

"It's simple, easy to use, and something you'll want to keep near you for a long time."

The warmth of gentle handiwork gives you a comfortable sense of security.

Dinner fork cherry woodwork Koji Ishii

A dinner fork with a smooth texture and a pleasant texture.

Multiple layers of fine chamfering match the beauty of the wood grain.
I would be happy if you could feel the care and effort that goes into the simple and rustic interior.

Koji Ishii list page

icura workshop

"Things that will be cherished and used for a long time. Simple shapes that you will never get tired of.
Shapes that also take into consideration the way you will use them.
I want to create things that are simple but somehow endearing." Cutlery and wooden trays are made here.

Dinner spoon Sakura icura workshop

It's soft and light, and the rounded triangular handle feels exceptionally comfortable to hold.

The delicate pattern on the round vase matches the beauty of the wood grain.


Produced in Hokkaido with the idea of ​​``bringing the warm touch, gentle texture, beautiful wood grain, and splendor of many woods to the dining table.''

Fruit fork birch

A birch fruit fork that is light and comfortable to hold.

The part where the thumb and index finger rest has a soft curve, and the surface that rests on the table is flat.

The best part is that it fits comfortably, makes it easy to apply pressure, and is easy to scoop.

atelier PEKA Mika Yokozawa

Atelier PEKA's works are simple, but give off a sense of playfulness and originality.

We feel that the texture of metal that changes over time is also attractive, and we create products with a timeless design in mind, so that they can be used for a long time.

Server fork L brass atelier PEKA Mika Yokozawa

The round form gives a gentle impression.
The smooth and sharp pattern has a textured pattern with attention to detail.

Not only can it be used for everyday use, but it can also be used to invite guests and entertain guests.

A cutlery rest that you want to use as a set

A cutlery rest makes dining a little more enjoyable.
The great thing about it is that it's small in size, and you can easily change the atmosphere of your dining table just like changing clothes.

We will introduce recommended products that are easy to use for both cutlery and chopsticks.

Chopstick rest gray ceramic rosemary Hasami ware

The Rosemary series adds a little glamor to your dining table.
The muted color makes it easy to match with any food, giving it a chic and mature atmosphere.

It goes well with Japanese tableware, as well as Western tableware such as Scandinavian tableware.

frame cutlery rest set of 3 ceramic sen Hasami ware

A simple and elegant set containing 3 cutlery rests.

The gold has a subdued luster, giving it a retro, somewhat nostalgic, and romantic atmosphere.

Not only can it be added to your everyday dining table, but it can also be used to add color to your special day dining table.

Chopstick rest French bread Porcelain Arita ware

A chopstick rest shaped like French bread that will make you want to eat it.

The charred texture is exquisite, and it seems to have a nice aroma.

Because it is long, it can firmly support large cutlery.

This article introduces cutlery rests and chopstick rests in detail. If you are interested, please read it.

30 recommended choices! Introducing stylish and cute works

If you are interested in cutlery

This time, we introduced cutlery by material.

Please find your favorite according to the usage situation, such as Japanese food or Western food, personal use or entertaining.

I hope this article will be helpful in choosing cutlery.

You can view the products introduced this time here.

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I hope everyone can enjoy their meals with their favorite utensils.