[A must-see for curry lovers! ] How to choose a stylish curry plate that will make it look delicious

This time, we will be introducing a stylish curry plate that can be used not only for curry, but also for stews, pasta, and main dishes.

Because it is a staple of home cooking and often appears on the table

It's the same curry as usual, but I want it to look more delicious.

Do you ever think that?

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However, storage space is limited when it comes to large plates like those used for serving curry, so it would be nice to be able to use them for as many different dishes as possible.

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Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
So, just by plating it up, the usual curry looks even more delicious, and... We will also introduce utensils that are easy to use and can be used over and over again.

How to choose a curry plate

Now, let's choose a plate! Even if you think so, there are many points that you may be concerned about, such as how large a plate is in general, how deep should it be for easy eating, etc.

I don't know what to buy! Here we will introduce the recommended utensils for those who are interested, and the points to consider when choosing one.

If you are worried, this is it! A recommended piece that is perfect for curry and pasta

21cm rim deep plate white porcelain Hasami ware

This is a deep plate with a rim made with Mizuki, who is popular for his cooking recipes.

Three reasons why we recommend it

・Simple color that goes well with any type of pottery and food
・Deepness that makes it easy to scoop the roux
・Food Made of durable porcelain that can be washed in the washing machine

It is made with a focus on simple shapes and colors, considering its compatibility with other utensils and ease of use in a variety of dishes.

The thick rim creates ample space, making it easy to balance and look stylish even when stacked casually.

The smooth texture makes it easy to remove curry stains.

Two points when choosing


The key is to choose one that is between 7 and 8 inches (approximately 21cm to 25cm) and has a slightly raised edge and depth.

Choosing a size that is large enough to make you feel like it's a bit big will give you more space on the plate and make the presentation look neater.

It is also easy to use for pasta and one-plate meals.


For ease of care, Porcelain is recommended.

The smooth surface of the utensil makes it easy to remove roux and hardened rice stains, making cleanup very easy.
The nice thing about it is that it doesn't absorb water, so it won't stain easily.

From here, we will introduce specifically recommended dishes!

Oval plate for well-balanced serving of curry

An oval plate allows you to neatly separate the rice and roux when serving curry.
The horizontally long form prevents the roux from spreading out in all directions, resulting in a well-balanced and stylish presentation.

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Oval plate M Yuzuhada Shino porcelain calme Hasami ware

The slightly ecru color gives a natural and refreshing atmosphere.

A whitish container is easy to match with any type of curry, from European-style curry to spiced curry topped with cilantro and other herbs.

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By taking advantage of its horizontal shape, it is perfect for serving as an omelet rice plate.

Yasumi oval plate gray porcelain Mino ware

The sharp octagonal shape gives it a modern and stylish impression.

Since it has a good depth, even hungry people who want to eat a lot will be satisfied.
It would also be useful when eating smooth Thai curry.

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It also goes well with pasta.

Oval bowl M white pottery Kosen kiln Banko ware

Heat resistant, can be used in microwave and oven.

It's convenient and nice to be able to heat up yesterday's leftover curry in the microwave.
Put it in the oven with cheese and bread crumbs, and you'll have a crispy and melty baked curry!

Blue plate that stands out with spice curry

Blue bowls are perfect for spicy, ethnic curry.
The contrast between the yellow of the turmeric rice and the blue of the bowl is a perfect match.

Also, red and yellow ingredients stand out, so they go well with ethnic dishes.

9-inch plate AO porcelain Mino ware

The combination of glossy texture and blue color makes this an elegant and impressive platter.
Thanks to the moderate height of the platform, it is easy to hold and has an excellent sense of stability.

If you make turmeric rice or a colorful curry, the color will stand out even more.

Plate bowl L dark gray porcelain Cuore Mino ware

A clean and stylish form with a calm blue-gray color.

Since the surface is flat, it is also useful for making one-plate dishes such as hamburgers.
It's easy to stack, so it's a good idea to have one for your family or for guests.

Can also be used as a one-plate meal with tomato-stewed chicken, salad, and rice.

Plate 25cm Turquoise pottery Shigaraki ware

The color fades toward the edges, giving it a refreshing atmosphere that looks like the ocean.

The eye-catching turquoise color goes perfectly with turmeric rice.

It will be fun to think about how to arrange it.

Plates with wide rims that add style

If you serve it on a plate with a wide rim, there will be a lot of white space on the plate, creating a sophisticated atmosphere similar to the curry at a restaurant.

It would also be nice to serve beef stew or pasta with a baguette on the wide rim.

nobuchin21 More (Instagram)

7 inch rim plate white porcelain laurel Mino ware

A rim plate with a shinogi pattern as an accent.

It's simple, but the deep expression is attractive.

Since it has a good depth, you can also enjoy light curry with confidence.

8-inch plate, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

A cute flower-shaped container that will brighten up your dining table.
It has a picturesque atmosphere that will look good no matter how much you put it on.

You can also put keema curry on top of round, flat rice.

From naana.5.7 (instagram)

It's the perfect size for serving a variety of dishes.

A dyed plate that actually goes perfectly with curry

Actually, patterned plates are one of the plates that make curry look delicious.

It goes particularly well with blue-dyed containers.
In India, the home of curry, there is pottery with a blue pattern called ``Blue Pottery'', and in Vietnam, pottery with impressive blue dyeing is made such as Bat Trang ware and Song Be ware.

Try pairing it with curry or ethnic dishes.

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Long square plate, white porcelain, flower parade, Hasami ware

It is a cute tableware with a calm color of white porcelain and indigo, but with lively decoration.
Flowers that give you energy when you look at them have an exotic feel to them.

You can also add pickles as a garnish to create a curry with an extraordinarily gorgeous atmosphere.

Oval plate, petal, porcelain, Hasami ware

An oval plate with impressive flower petals drawn all around.
The color of the petals changes from vivid to deep depending on the way the light hits them, allowing you to enjoy a variety of expressions.

There are plates with different patterns and sizes, so you can enjoy table coordination by putting Fukujinzuke on a small plate and serving it.

Shinogi 7-inch plate LEAVES porcelain Koyo kiln Arita ware

A 7-inch plate with a soft indigo leaf pattern that gives it an elegant and mature look.
The key point that makes you want to choose one is that it has a weight and thickness that is easy to use on a daily basis, so that you can use it with love for a long time.

Even if you serve it with retort curry, it will look a little more elegant.

Popular curry plates/top 5 sellers

1st place White makeup shaving large plate Ceramic Mino ware

2nd place 22cm plate navy porcelain daisy Hasami ware

3rd place Oval plate, gray ceramic, rosemary, Hasami ware

4th place Pasta plate Indigo blue porcelain ORLO Mino ware

5th place Plate Bowl L Silver Green Porcelain Cuole Mino Ware

Plates and cutlery that you want to use with curry

When you find something you like that makes you think, "I want to eat curry on this plate!", don't you start thinking about the utensils and cutlery that go with it?

From here, we will introduce bowls that are perfect for the salad that is often eaten with curry, and spoons that are perfect for eating curry.

Recommended salad bowl

Salad bowl Turkish blue pottery Mino ware

This is a lovely salad bowl with a bright turquoise color that immediately catches your eye.
As the name suggests, if you serve it with a salad, it will bring out the freshness.

From ___yu.31__ (instagram)

The nice thing about it is that the edges are slightly curved, making it easy to arrange leafy vegetables such as lettuce.

Arabia Paratiisi Bowl 13cm Color Porcelain ARABIA Paratiisi

A bowl with freshly drawn fruits and flowers.

The vibrant blue and yellow colors add a bit of glamor to curry, which tends to be brown and plain.

Bowl S 5 piece set Vag porcelain POTPURRI

A set containing bowls in 5 colors: gray, yellow, red, white, and green.

The rim of the mouth has a curved line reminiscent of gentle ocean waves, and the oval shape has a slightly different impression when viewed from different angles.
The design is simple yet playful.

Since it comes in a pack of 5, it's great that you can use a matching set for your family or for guests.

Recommended curry spoon

Curry Spoon TUGE Tsunoda Seibei Shoten

An easy-to-use spoon with a triangular handle that fits your fingers.

Because it is coated with glass, it feels smooth and comfortable.

The nice thing about wooden cutlery is that it is dishwasher safe, which is rare.

Curry Spoon Tame Ishikawa Shikhodo

A curry spoon with a long, elongated handle that is easy to hold.
The smooth surface is pleasant to the touch and feels moist in your hands.

The size is perfect for eating rice dishes such as curry, fried rice, and risotto.

[product id=161752591

Natural wooden soup spoon

This is a soup spoon made from Indonesian fruit tree called Sao.

As it is coated with urethane coating, it feels smooth and comfortable.
It has excellent durability and water resistance, making it perfect for everyday use.

Brass dinner spoon

This is a brass dinner spoon that looks like an antique.
The unique texture of brass and deep luster create an elegant atmosphere at your dining table.

The scoop part has a deep depth, making it perfect for eating curry, stew, etc.


This time, we introduced plates that are perfect for curry, as well as bowls and cutlery that go well with it.
Did you find the pottery you are interested in?

The curry plate is an easy-to-use size for main dishes and has just the right depth, making it perfect not only for curry but also for pasta and soup plates. In addition, if you use a shallow plate, it can be used as a main dish for main dishes such as fried noodles, fried rice, fried or stir-fried foods, or hamburgers.
Since it can be used for many purposes, it is a reliable container to have.

If you want to change the impression of your usual dishes, please refer to this article and find your favorite curry plate.

You can view the utensils introduced this time here.
Looks more delicious than usual , a collection of stylish curry plates. Product list page

Also, this article introduces in detail the bowls that go well with curry.

Introducing 20 recommended selections!
[Curry Introducing 10 recommended dishes!

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