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A cup to wake up in the morning, or a cup to take a break between work or housework.

Spending time brewing coffee or tea and relaxing makes you feel very calm.

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Actually, depending on the material and shape of the coffee cup or tea cup, Did you know that the taste can change?

You want to drink delicious coffee or tea in your favorite cup.

This time, we will introduce how to choose coffee cups and tea cups, as well as recommended products.

If you read this article, you will be able to find the coffee cup or tea cup that is perfect for you.

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Difference between coffee cup and tea cup

A coffee cup or tea cup that includes a saucer and cup.

Although they look the same at first glance, there are actually differences in shape, etc.

A cup that allows you to enjoy more flavor and aroma.

Coffee extraction temperature is relatively low at 80-95℃, so the key is to create a shape that increases heat retention.

For this reason, the cup is often tall and thick overall.

A cup made to enhance the taste.

Black tea is brewed using boiling water over 95 degrees Celsius, so the key is to cool it down a little to make it easier to drink.

For this reason, drinks are often made with a wide mouth and a thin cup.

How to choose a coffee cup

1. The capacity is generally 120-180ml

A regular coffee cup with a saucer is about 120 to 180 ml.
It's the perfect size for your morning drink.

When you want to drink a lot, such as while working or watching a movie, we recommend using a mug.

2. Also check the thickness of the rim (spout)

If you often drink dark roasted, rich coffee, we recommend a cup with a thick rim.
Coffee does not get cold easily, so it is perfect for enjoying coffee over time.

On the other hand, if you often drink light roasted coffee, a cup with a thin rim is recommended.

How to choose a teacup

1. It is stylish if there is a pattern on the inside of the cup

If there is a pattern on the inside of the cup, it will be nice to see the pattern through the tea.

It is also useful when serving tea to guests as it adds a gorgeous impression.

2. Wide mouth and shallow form

If the drinking spout is wide, piping hot black tea will reach the right temperature quickly, making it easier to drink and taste better.

Also, the aroma spreads when you put the cup to your mouth, so you can fully enjoy the charm of black tea.

Recommended coffee cup/tea cup

Coffee cup/tea cup Decayed comb pottery Mino ware

A small cup and saucer with a plump form.

Accentuated by the thin lines that are scraped off and the rust color of the edges.

The thick ceramic shape retains heat, so you'll want to enjoy your carefully brewed coffee.

Capacity: 100ml (8th minute)
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: ×
Image: warm and sour

Cup & saucer pottery, Tokoname kiln, Tokoname ware

A cup and saucer with an impressive contrast of white and black.

The soft white with a beige tinge and the elegant black glaze with a glossy finish are attractive.

Since it is made of ceramic, it retains heat, but the drinking spout is relatively wide, so it goes well with both coffee and tea.

Capacity: 150ml (8th minute)
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: ×
Image: warm and sour

Flowers and Birds Coffee Cup/Tea Cup Porcelain Harektani Kutani Ware

A cup and saucer with a pattern that looks like spring has arrived.

The handle of the cup and the fluttering rim give it a somewhat classic feel.

If you display them when entertaining, it will liven up the conversation during tea time.

Capacity: 110ml (8th minute)
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: 〇 (Hand washing recommended) )
Image: Cute and elegant

Coffee cup/tea cup blue ripe grape porcelain Hasami ware

A cup and saucer with eye-catching bright painting.

It has a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere, and looks like something out of a pure coffee shop.

You can have a relaxing tea time while enjoying the view of the grapes through the tea.

Capacity: 150ml (8th minute)
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: 〇 (Hand washing recommended) )
Image: Retro/Gorgeous

Mug Gray Porcelain Daisy Hasami Ware

A mug with an impressive large, cheerfully blooming daisy.

The 18cm plate with matching pattern is perfect for use as a saucer.

It has a wide mouth and a shallow shape, so it seems to go well with black tea.

They are durable and easy to handle, so you can keep several of them for guests to use.

Capacity: 200ml (8th minute)
Microwave: 〇 Dishwasher: 〇
Image: Modern and cute

Arabic Paratissi coffee cup & saucer

A coffee cup and saucer with freshly drawn fruits and flowers.

A standard series from Arabia, a Scandinavian tableware brand that has been loved for over 50 years.

The most appealing thing about this utensil is that it can be used as a cup and saucer alone.

Since the saucer does not have a recess, it is a versatile plate perfect for snacking or serving.

The cup also has a straight, straight shape, so it can be used like a mug without any discomfort.

Capacity: 180ml (8th minute)
Microwave:〇〇 Dishwasher:〇
Image: Modern and gorgeous

Recommended cafe au lait bowl

As the name suggests, a "cafe au lait bowl" is a bowl that is perfect for drinking cafe au lait.

It was originally created in France, and it is said that the wide opening was used to make it easier to dip bread into soup or cafe au lait during breakfast.

As an extra part, we will also introduce recommended cafe au lait bowls!

Multi bowl with ears, ceramic villa, Mino ware

A versatile bowl with small ears as its charm.

The deep blue, like turquoise, is a color that will draw you in.

Since it has plenty of depth, it also comes in handy when making stews with lots of ingredients.

Cafe au lait bowl ballerina porcelain Mori Tobo Tobe ware

A cute cafe au lait bowl with a ballerina dancing happily.

The generous size makes it perfect for rich minestrone or pumpkin soup.

It's also nice that it's made of porcelain, which is easy to clean, durable, and easy to handle.

Konfuku Cafe au lait Bowl S Ceramic Wooden

A small cafe au lait bowl with a soft expression and flavor.

When you place your palm on the side, the design is constricted just around the middle finger, making it easy to hold.

The gentle form makes you want to wrap your arms around it, making it feel warm and soothing.

It looks like it could also be used as a small bowl to serve the usual side dishes, such as green beans with sesame dressing.

Stylish coordination using coffee cups/tea cups

We have introduced various coffee cups/tea cups, but how can you use them to make them look stylish?

Please refer to it.

cone__________noie(instagram ) from

Match the medium plate as a saucer with Kunitaro Kasai's DAISY series mug.

In addition to round plates, you can also pair them with square plates to add contrast to your dining table.

Tea time will feel more special than usual.

leomam.kieFrom instagram

A cup and saucer that combines a chrysanthemum plate and a mug.

When viewed from above, it looks like a blooming flower and is very cute!

It instantly creates a gorgeous atmosphere at the dining table.

key7117(instagram ) from

The bright blue daisy flowers brighten the dining table.

The wreath-like design goes perfectly with Christmas interiors.

If you are interested in coffee cups/tea cups

This time, we introduced coffee cups and tea cups that will make your tea time feel richer than usual.

You can also use the cup and saucer separately, so you can kill two birds with one stone and be useful for entertaining, so please give it a try.

You can view the dishes introduced here.

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Please look for your favorite.

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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