16 recommended living tools from [Azumaya] for those who want to live carefully

The brand we will introduce this time is "Azumiya".

Because it's something you use every day, it's simple, yet it helps you correct yourself in no time. The tools that Azumaya makes are exactly like that.

All the tools have a simple and elegant appearance, so many people choose them as gifts for seniors who are indebted to them.

Today, we would like to introduce products from Azumaya that are synonymous with the brand, as well as utensils that are quiet but useful at the dining table.

The first thing you'll want to pick up is one of the most popular arbor staples.

Mame plate (stamp)

Mamesara Stamp Gourd porcelain arbor

Azumaya's mamezara is a simple item that has a strong presence on the dining table.
Pickles, condiments, small stews, fruits...I can think of many ideas for what to put on them.

Cute and easy-to-handle small plates come in a wide variety and are easy to use, so you can't help but collect many of them. There are many types of mamezara in the arbor as well.

Azumaya's miniature plates are made with patterns on the pottery using a method called inban. "Inhan" is a method of transferring a printing plate onto a base material. The unique feature is that you can enjoy the subtle ``shake'' that appears to be hand-painted, making each plate unique.

Since it is simple, we recommend this pottery even to people who are trying out an arbor for the first time.

Mame tray (earth ash)

Mamesara Ash Sunflower Porcelain Arbor

Although it is a bean plate, there is also a simple bean plate.
Unlike the stamped mamezara, it is plain, natural, and smooth. But when you pick it up and look at it carefully, you may suddenly see sunspots or bumps, and it's fascinating how each piece has its own unique expression.

It is extremely convenient to put pickles and condiments on it, or use it as a soy sauce holder. You can also pair it with Western or Chinese food.

Mame tray Ash Sunflower Porcelain Arbor

It's also cute if you put it on a platter or tray.

One of the charms of mamezara is that you can collect a variety of mamezara and pick them up depending on your mood that day, choose one that suits your customer's image, and add a little excitement to your dining table.

Seal chopstick rest

Inban Chopstick Rest Rice Indian porcelain arbor

The chopstick rest in Azumaya is a chopstick rest for the starting and ending points of a meal. It has a simple and small structure that even people who don't usually use chopstick rests can easily use.

The patterns on the chopstick rests are designed with descriptive symbols such as punctuation marks and full stops as motifs.

Each name and pattern are very unique. There are 10 different patterns, including ``Atari'' with a series of arrows, ``Mameshibori'' with a collection of full stops, and ``Ippon'' with a simple single line.

Seal chopstick rest porcelain arbor

The pattern is drawn using a technique called stamping, so you can enjoy the small fluctuations that appear to be hand-drawn.

Azumiya's chopstick rest is small but has a strong presence and is simple, so it is recommended for beginner chopstick rests.

Tea utensils for enjoying high-quality tea


Flat teapot, second hand, clay, medium-thin pottery, arbor

Azumiya's quiet yet elegant teapot makes you want to brew delicious tea slowly and carefully.

A teapot made from clay called udei becomes more lustrous and retains the aroma of tea the more you use it.

The lid uses a technique called ``covering'' to create a highly airtight seal. The internal tea strainer is made of the same ceramic plate as the main body. And a spout that allows you to pour out every last drop. The teapot is designed with attention to detail so that you can enjoy all the deliciousness of tea down to the last drop.

Flat teapot Yokote Edo clay medium fine pottery Arbor
Teapot, Uchiru, Odori, Fine Pottery, Arbor

There are two types of teapot handles: the horizontal handle, which is a typical teapot, and the rear handle, which is similar to a Chinese tea utensil.

When you realize the appeal of Azumaya's teapots, which are high quality and want to be used for a long time, you can't help but want to buy other tea utensils as well.

Tea sea

Chakai Large lime-glazed porcelain arbor

Chaumi, a clean and beautiful arbor.

You can drink tea even without Chakai. However, it is a must-have tool to enjoy even more delicious tea.

The concentration of tea inevitably changes depending on the timing of pouring. That's where Chakai comes into play. By transferring the tea to the Chakai before pouring it into the teacup, you can enjoy a uniformly strong tea.

Also, the appropriate temperature for Japanese tea differs depending on the type. Chakai also comes in handy when you want to let the boiling water cool down a little before pouring it into the teapot. You can enjoy the mellowness of the tea even more by pouring hot water into the Chakai and cooling it to an appropriate temperature, then transferring the hot water to the teapot.

Chakai Dai Lime Glaze Porcelain Arbor

The tip of the tea sea is made thinner than the other parts, and the glaze is applied thinly. As a result, the water drains easily and is less likely to drip.

Capacity is about 3 to 4 cups of tea. This item can also serve as a pitcher for pouring water or coffee even outside of the tea ceremony.

Pumping out

Kukidashi Soil Gray porcelain arbor

Since the arbor is simple and rustic, you can use it without hesitation.

The shape gives a sense of security even when wrapped gently in your hands. The curved edges that touch your lips are soft and deliver the delicious flavor of the tea.

If you look for a simple and unconventional pump, you'll be surprised at how hard it is to find one. You can feel the cleanliness and beauty typical of an arbor.


Obon tray small brass Silver plated arbor

As you use the brass tray, the color will gradually become dull and dull. But that doesn't mean it's deteriorating or anything. The color changes, and even the stains and scratches that occur with use become more stylish, giving it a cool look.

In particular, silver-plated items have a unique texture called "atari" that appears on the parts that are often touched by hands and utensils.

There are two sizes: large size with a diameter of 29cm and small size with a diameter of 24cm. There are two colors: golden brass and silver plated silver.

Obon tray small brass silver plated arbor

The large size is the perfect size for a tea set for 2 to 3 people.

Obon large brass arbor< /a>

The rise of the edges of the tray is done by a technique called ``Hera Shibori'' that only craftsmen can do. Beautiful edges are created using the skills of a craftsman, depending on the angle and amount of pressure applied with a stick called a spatula.

Earthen jar

Earthen jar lime pottery arbor< /a>

The plump shape is exactly what you would expect from a clay pot.

Tea carefully brewed in a teapot is delicious, but casually enjoying hojicha or bancha is also a wonderful everyday scene. Earthenware jars have a warm atmosphere and are perfect for everyday tea time, such as family gatherings.

Earthen jar lime pottery arbor

As a result of thinking about the user, we created a clay pot that cannot be lit directly. Instead, it is made with high heat retention, so you can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea during your daily gatherings or relaxing time.

Azurya utensils to add to your everyday dining table

Mookon square plate

Gourd square plate Earthen ash Long angle Porcelain Arbor

A square plate with clay ash glaze has the elegance of an antique. The square plate has a natural, slightly bluish color that complements the dishes in a subtle way.

Add seasonal fruits to make your usual snack more elegant, or add your favorite cake to make it more elaborate than usual. The appeal of the square cube of quince is the elegance that comes from being a simple container.

Gourd square plate Earthen ash Long angle Porcelain Arbor

There are two types of shapes: square and rectangle. It's classy and simple, so it's a piece that can be used both when you have guests and for everyday use.

Princess fork

Princess fork set of 5 brass arbor a>

A small and adorable princess fork. It's strange how an ordinary dessert feels so elegant when served with a small hime fork.

The beauty of the brass color and the delicate two-pronged form have a charm that attracts people's attention. The more you use brass, the more it loses its luster but changes to a deeper color.

Princess fork set of 5 brass arbor< /a>

It looks a little small for eating cake, but it goes perfectly with desserts such as yokan and fruits, as well as snacks such as olives and cheese. This is an item that will naturally appear more often at the dinner table.


Cup Glass Arbor

The shape that comes to mind when you hear the word "cup". The cup that Azumaya aimed for is such an orthodox cup.

The cup is just the right thickness and has a stable roundness so you don't have to worry about it because you pick it up every day. Yet, the beautiful, highly transparent cup feels like the ultimate in the ordinary.

Cup Glass Arbor

Since they are made using a ``air blowing'' method, which involves blowing air into them, each piece has a slightly different shape. That kind of personality is also one of its charms.

The exceptionally transparent cup made from carefully selected glass raw materials is perfect for summer when you want to gulp down a chilled drink.

Wooden chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks ebony arbor< /a>

The chopsticks at Azumaya are also dignified and beautiful. One of the woods used for wooden chopsticks, ``Ebony'', is a high-quality wood that is also used for black piano keys and furniture, and is hard and durable.

Since chopsticks are a symbol of Japanese food culture, they are made to be simple and easy to use, suitable for everyday dining. We want you to enjoy the texture of natural wood, so each piece is carefully polished and finished without painting by woodworkers in Wajima, the home of lacquerware.

Wooden chopsticks ebony arbor

The drum-shaped sides are slightly rounded, making it difficult to roll and easy to handle. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Items that support the dining table

Butter case

Butter Case 200g Full Size Arbor

Every time I have breakfast, I take out the box of butter and cut the butter with the silver paper facing it...I find it so tedious that I end up taking out the margarine when I actually want to use butter. If so, why not try using a butter case?

The full size can hold 200g of commercially available butter, so once you transfer the butter, you can take it out of the refrigerator, open the lid, and use it immediately. What's more, the butter case in the arbor is made by hollowing out a mountain cherry tree, which is less likely to warp or crack. The natural insulating effect of wood also keeps the butter fresh.

Butter case 200g full size Azumaya

The outside and inside are finished with walnut oil. This is a butter case that you can enjoy changing over time as the color increases each time you use butter.

Butter knife

Butter Knife Arbor

A butter knife that you want to use as a set with a butter case. Azumaya's butter knife is made with a stainless steel blade sandwiched between a brass handle. Therefore, it can easily cut through hard butter that has just been taken out of the refrigerator.

Butter knife Azumaya< /figcaption>

Toasted bread, a natural wood butter case, and a beautiful butter knife. If you have these three things, you'll probably look forward to your mornings.

Soy sauce holder

Soy sauce jug lime Glazed porcelain arbor

The soy sauce holder has a cute impression due to its rounded shape, and is a comfortable item with its roundness and smoothness that fits comfortably in your hand.

The unique downward-facing spout has been carefully designed to ensure a sharp cut, allowing you to pour just the right amount, and to prevent dripping. It is designed so that any remaining liquid in the spout will be sucked into the main body when you pour it and tilt it back up.

Soy sauce jug lime glaze porcelain arbor a>

Glaze is also used at the joint between the lid and the main body to prevent color and odor transfer to the main body. You can use it safely for a long time and it will always look beautiful. This is a soy sauce holder typical of Azumaya.

rice jar

Rice rack 10kg Paulownia Arbor with one-go square

If you are worried about storing your rice, I would like to recommend a rice bin, which is also a nice storage space to display.

The rice bin in the arbor is made of paulownia wood. Paulownia has antiseptic and insect repellent effects, and its porous fibers make it very light, making it excellent for controlling humidity. You can store rice all year round by placing it in a cool, dark place with good ventilation, avoiding high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.

Rice rack 5kg paulownia with one square arbor

The structure does not use any nails or metal fittings. Since the top lid can be completely removed, it is easy to put rice in and take it out, and it is also easy to clean. You can also measure rice using the included one-go square.

What is Azumaya's commitment

Mame plate Stamp Porcelain Arbor

Since its founding in 1997, ``Azumaya'' has collaborated with reliable domestic craftsmen to create a variety of tools for daily life.

"Things" for making meals.
"Things" lined up on the dining table.
“Things” that touch your body.
Things that make your surroundings beautiful.

What Azumaya seeks and aims for is the creation of such "things" and the system that creates "things".

Azumiya tools have always been a part of everyday life. The design has been updated to a modern, easy-to-use form, so that it can be used for a long time to come.


Arbor Tools for daily life

What Azumaya's products have in common is a certain sense of elegance.

I think this is because of the reliable craftsmen who inherit traditional methods of making, and Azumaya's unique perspective of paying particular attention to comfort and design.

Because it is something you use every day, you want to cherish it for a long time. That's what I think when I look at Azumaya's tools, which look like they've been seen somewhere before, and which stand out from others like them.

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The products introduced this time are all popular products in our store. If you are interested, please see the list below.

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Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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