[20 recommended Arita ware] Create a gorgeous dining table with stylishly painted pottery.

Hello! This is Taki from the Uchiru Editorial Department, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home.

Arita ware is produced mainly in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, and the surrounding areas.

"I often hear about Arita ware, but I wonder what kind of pottery it is..."
"I want Arita ware, but where can I buy stylish Arita ware?"

Even if you think that it goes perfectly with Japanese food and would like to incorporate it into your dining table, you may not be able to find something you like.

In this article, even if you are a first-time buyer of Arita ware, we will introduce recommended utensils and a ranking of best-selling items so that you can incorporate Arita ware into your dining table in style.

We also introduce the characteristics of Arita ware and tourist information about Arita, so if you want to know more about Arita ware, please read it.

Also, if you would like to see what types of Arita ware pottery there are first, you can also take a look here.

Arita ware list page

Characteristics of Arita ware

First of all, let me introduce what kind of pottery Arita ware is.

Arita ware is porcelain manufactured in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, and its surrounding areas.

It is said that porcelain began to be made in the early 17th century when pottery stone, a raw material, was discovered in Arita Town.
It is said to be the first porcelain made in Japan, and has been widely used as tableware and crafts for over 400 years.

It is characterized by the transparent white porcelain, the indigo pigment called Gosu, and the gorgeous red painting.
Due to its gorgeousness, it became popular as a work of art and as an offering from the mid-17th century.

Gorgeous and gorgeous Arita ware has been exported to the world as a Japanese craft throughout history, and is said to have received rave reviews from European aristocrats.

Also, these days it is popular as a daily necessities because it is strong and durable.

Differences between Hasami ware, Arita ware, and Imari ware

Actually, Arita ware and Imari ware are the same.

It is said that in the latter half of the 17th century, when Arita ware was exported, it was shipped from a port in Imari, which is why it came to be called Imari ware.

Currently, items made in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture are broadly classified as "Arita ware" and items made in Imari City, Saga Prefecture are called "Imari ware," but they were originally made using the same method. is.

On the other hand, the main difference between Hasami ware and Arita ware is the land on which they were made.

Hasami ware and Arita ware are both pottery products that were started by potters who came over from the Korean peninsula in the 17th century.Hasami ware has a history of being loved as a daily necessities, and Arita ware as a work of art.

Carefully selected by the editorial department! Arita ware perfect for first-time buyers

Arita ware has many gorgeously painted vessels.
Some first-time buyers may be confused about choosing a pottery.

So, first of all, carefully selected by Uchiru Editorial Department! Introducing Arita ware that is perfect for first-time buyers.

Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

A chrysanthemum pattern plate with a traditional Japanese pattern as a motif.

The transparent white porcelain has a slight bluish tinge, and the patterns drawn with fine brushes stand out, creating an elegant atmosphere.

It is perfect for placing the main side dish on top, and the key point is that the pattern on the edge can be seen even when the food is placed on it.

Not only can it be used in everyday life, but it will also add a touch of beauty to small celebrations.

Shinogi 7-inch plate dyed with rust flowers

If you use a rimmed plate with shinogi, you can serve it with juicy dishes!

The smooth feel and weight make it easy to use on a daily basis.

This is a container that you can use on a daily basis without worrying about it.

Round 5 size plate Imari gourd

A pottery in the shape of six gourds that is said to be a talisman for good health.

Just the right size to serve one fish.
It would be nice to serve it with some side dishes, such as pickled rice bran or aemono.

It has an auspicious gourd painted on it, so it's also great for celebrations.

Slim plate dyed striped

Although the traditional technique of dyeing is used, the simple and bold patterns are reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.

Since it has a modern atmosphere, it would be nice to serve pickles, marinades, salads, etc.

It is durable and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, so you can use it for everyday meals and drinks without hesitation.

Pot-shaped plate arrow feather round pattern

What? Is this Arita ware? This is an adorable painted pottery that makes you think.

If you look closely at the pattern, you can see traditional patterns such as arrow feathers and round patterns.
Japanese tradition is alive even in its cuteness.

Perfect size for holding desserts such as roll cakes and donuts.

If you bring it to dessert time with your friends, it will definitely get a lot of cheers!

Cute Japanese-style Arita ware vessels

Imari gourd

Gourds, which have a wide-opening shape, have been considered to bring good luck since ancient times. It is said that a gourd with six gourds in particular is a talisman for good health.

Users and chopstick rests are cutely decorated with gourds.
Since gourds are auspicious, they are perfect as serving plates for celebrations such as birthdays and longevity.

The six gourds drawn on a white background have a hand-drawn texture and a warm feel.

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Sometsuke series with a simple and modern atmosphere.
The transparent white porcelain has a slightly bluish tinge, and the patterns drawn with fine brushes stand out well.

The cloisonné, chrysanthemum, and vine arabesque patterns based on traditional Japanese patterns are custom-made by Uchiru!

The pottery with Dutch strawberries on it looks like a Western plate, and is appealing because it goes well with any kind of food.
Not only can it be used in everyday life, but it will also add a touch of beauty to small celebrations.

Cloud swallow

The Cloud Swallow series features a bluish-transparent white background and painted swallows flying happily in the sky.

The glaze on the clouds is so three-dimensional that you can feel it with your hands, giving it a fluffy texture.
This is Arita ware that you will want to use on sunny days or in early spring.

An added bonus is that it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.
While retaining its traditional charm, it is a pottery that fits naturally into modern life.

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Flower crest

The floral branch pattern series has a mature look with blue-based flower painting and deep purple petals.

With a smooth texture and just the right thickness for stability, these utensils can be used with confidence.
The large white margins give it a sense of elegance and calmness.

The way the flowers are drawn differs depending on the pottery, but each pottery has a somewhat oriental atmosphere, and while it is Japanese-style, it seems to go well with Chinese and ethnic cuisine.

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Cute Arita ware utensils with a blend of Japanese and Western styles


The hana series is studded with small flowers that look like a flower garden spread out on a container.
Although Arita ware has many designs with a Japanese feel, it has a gorgeous appearance that resembles Western tableware.

The border of the bright flowers is created using a technique called icchin, which involves squeezing out thin lines from mud.
The drawn lines are raised and have a texture that looks like they are standing out.

Click here for hana list page

Arrow feather round pattern

The playful painting done with indigo and gold is impressive.

A pot that looks like something out of a fairy tale makes you want to use it during tea time when you want to relax.
The elegant gold coloring makes it not too gorgeous, making it a piece that will blend in with your everyday table.

If you pair a teacup-shaped plate with a pot pot, you can enjoy an even more gorgeous afternoon.

Gosuha glaze flower

Colorful flowers painted with glaze on smooth white porcelain.

While retaining the traditional charm of Arita ware, it is a tableware that gently fits modern lifestyles.

There are two types of flower colors: blue and yellow.
The blue flowers give it a mature, simple look.

Yellow flowers add cuteness and give a sense of brightness and spring.
Of course, it is also very cute even if you have two colors. It can be used for a wide variety of items, from Japanese food and sweets to Western food and suits.


An attractive tableware with a simple but bold pattern reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.
This long and cute plate has an impressive pattern with large circles arranged in a row, giving it a pop of color.

The shapes, which reveal different expressions for each piece, are hand-crafted and give a sense of warmth.

It is smooth and comfortable to the touch, and is durable so you can enjoy it every day without hesitation.

Casual Arita ware utensils from Koyogama

Sherbet gray

Sherbet Gray has a color that is not too dark and has a matte texture that gives it a sense of elegance.It is a tableware that has a gentle atmosphere that can be used by any gender or age.

If you look closely, the colors are different one by one, and you can see some blue-ish crystallization.
The yellowish part of the edge has a different shade, so even if you have multiple pieces, you will feel attached to each one.

This series has an atmosphere that can be used as a dessert or as a main dish, so you will want to buy it.


Sherbet gray and different colored olive series.

The glossy and deep green gives a sense of dignified beauty.
The color is deeper where the glaze pools, and the edges look a little lighter, so you can see the expression of the pottery, which is a lovely point.

One of its charms is its smooth, smooth skin that makes you want to touch it.

The color is not too deep, so it will add an elegant touch to any dish.
From main dishes to desserts, this is a wide range of utensils that you will want to have in a series.


A soft indigo leaf pattern drawn with dyeing on a transparent and smooth white background typical of Arita ware.

Although detailed, these pottery are full of the loose and lovely charm that can only be achieved by handicrafts.

One of the charms of Arita ware is its transparent, slightly bluish white background and smooth texture.
You can fully enjoy the tradition of Arita ware and modern design.

The slight shading of color due to the irregularities of the shinogi gives the tableware an expression, and it blends naturally into your living space, making it a piece that somehow makes you feel relieved.

Sometsuke Sabi Hana Tsunagi

The dyed sabi flower tsunagi, which has a different pattern from the previous LEAVES, is impressive with its soft, large indigo flower pattern.
While following traditional Arita ware characteristics, it has a sophisticated atmosphere similar to Scandinavian tableware.

This is a pottery whose glaze appearance due to the unevenness of the shinogi part adds to the attachment to each piece.

You can have it in different sizes, 7 and 5 inches, which are easy to use, or you can match it with the previous "LEAVES" to create a perfect atmosphere.


The textile-like plaid pattern creates a pop atmosphere.

The bold patterns are reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.

The material is semi-porcelain, which combines the best features of earthenware with the warmth of earth and durable and dignified porcelain.

When there are many plain containers on the dining table, the checkered pattern makes a fun accent.

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Arita ware best selling ranking TOP5

Uchiru carries about 200 pieces of Arita ware pottery.
We will introduce the top 5 best selling utensils.

1st place Octagonal grilled plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

2nd Place Octagonal Yaki Plate Cloisonné Porcelain Dyed Arita Ware

3rd place Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

[product id=158881265

4th place Japanese plate, vine arabesque, blue, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

5th place Japanese plate, cloisonné, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

Table coordination using Arita ware

So far, we have introduced various types of Arita ware.

Some of you may be thinking about how to coordinate the table!

So, I would like to introduce everyone's table coordination.
Please use this as a reference for cooking and how to pair it with other utsuwa.

saori__moon(Instagram ) from

Place stir-fried foods on Arita ware dishes.
The gorgeous paintings really enhance the food.

I can see the skill in matching the wooden tray and bowl with the painted pottery so that the overall balance is right!

3701aya(Instagram ) from

Place a dollop of strawberry daifuku on a kimono-shaped plate.
The table quickly transforms into a tea shop.

The strawberry daifuku looks even cuter than usual.

sorsnd_camp (Instagram ) from

The yellow flowers and lemon expressed in Ichichin are perfect!

The cute motifs give it a casual look, making it perfect for everyday use.

mikasko (Instagram ) from

An elegant breakfast with a dyed motif that peeks out between the dishes.

The chopstick rests and small plates are also dyed, giving a nice sense of unity.

gohan.ggohanFrom (Instagram)

Place the salmon in a bowl decorated with Imari gourd.

If you have it in your breakfast, the bright colors will make your spine stretch and you'll have a pleasant day.

Arita ware brands are increasing in recent years


2016_aritaOfficial Quoted from Instagram

2016/ is a brand created to commemorate 400 years since the origin of Arita ware.

Development was carried out by 16 groups of domestic and international designers in preparation for 2016, the anniversary year.

There are two series, one is "Standard".
Aiming to widely disseminate Arita ware, this is a series that allows you to feel the goodness of Arita ware while keeping the price down.

The other series is called "Edition," and is a series that makes extensive use of the techniques cultivated by Arita ware, making you want to collect it.

2016/ has a stylish and modern design, and you can feel the strength of Arita ware, which takes on new challenges based on the tradition of Arita ware.


kihara_porcelainFrom official Instagram Quote

Kihara Co., Ltd., which operates KIHARA, is a trading company that produces Arita ware and Hasami ware.

``KIHARA'' is a brand that creates products that match the trends of the times and all kinds of needs without being too bound by tradition, in order to pass on technology that has been around for over 400 years to new generations.

We work together with famous art directors both domestically and internationally to create pottery that combines the tradition of Arita porcelain with modern design and fits your daily life.

We also have an office and gallery in Tomigaya, the Oku-Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo, so why not take a look if you're in the area?


aritaporcelainlabFrom official Instagram Quote

ARITA PORCELAIN LAB is the brand of Yazaemon Kiln, an Arita ware pottery founded in 1804.
With the concept of “Nippon” Modern Luxury, we decorate your table with a modern design.

We create items that are not only easy to use, but also have elegant and luxurious designs.

Among them, the Japan series by Yazaemon VII, which expresses the four seasons of Japan, is one of his representative works.
While maintaining the traditional style of Arita ware, it captivates people's hearts with its diverse colors, textures, and modern color scheme.

About Arita Pottery City

The Arita Pottery Market is held in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, every year around Golden Week.
There are more works on display than you can see, and it is a very popular event that attracts 1.2 million people every year.

Source: Arita Tourism Association Arita Walk

"Arita Pottery City"

■Official website: http://www.arita-toukiichi.or.jp/
■Holding period: Around Golden Week

The article below summarizes information about Arita Pottery City.

Summary of "Arita Pottery Fair"

We expect it to be very crowded on the day of the event, so please go early in the morning and wait in line to be in the best possible condition.

Also, the Hasami Pottery Festival is held nearby at the same time, so tours to visit both pottery markets are also held.

If you have time, it might be a good idea to go there.

When sightseeing in Arita

When you see a lot of Arita ware pottery, don't you start to want to go to Arita?

Arita Town in Saga Prefecture is about an hour and a half by car from Fukuoka.
The town itself is compact, so sightseeing is easy.

You can experience the historical pottery culture that dates back to the Edo period, observe painting at a pottery, and other experiences that will stir your curiosity.

You can see the article about the Uchiru editorial department's visit to Arita here.

Arita's journey fascinated by a delicate and warm painting // a>

A shopping is Alitasera

arita.sera Quoted from the official Instagram

If you enjoy shopping in Arita ware other than the pottery city season, we recommend the Arita -Sera Será, where Arita -yaki specialty stores are lined with eaves.

Located on a small hill about 5 minutes by car from Arita Station, there are 22 stores that handle daily tableware, commercial tableware, and art on the site of about 20,000 tsubo.

Gallery, hotels and restaurants, and you can enjoy plenty of Arita ware.

Please check the official website or Instagram for detailed information such as business hours.

Address: 1651, Akasaka, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture, 844-0024 & nbsp; Saga Prefecture 9
Phone number : 0955-43-2288
Business hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (depending on some stores) -label = "(opens in a new tab)" href = "https://www.arita.gr.jp/" target = "_blank"> https://www.arita.gr.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arita.sera/

How about Arita ware ware at lunch?

Arita Terrace in Alitasera, Arita Terrace, can also eat Arita ware.

The 7th JR Kyushu Project "Kyushu no Ekiben" ranking, the & nbsp; Brutus project, and in Japan's best "order", it is a hot topic.

 Quoted from the official Instagram

Address: 2351-169 Akasaka, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga) Phone number: 0955-42-6351
Business hours: 11: 00-15: 00 > https://aritayakurry.com/

Let's experience Arita ware's pottery

If you go to Arita, you will want to make a container.

There is also a pottery where you can experience Arita -yaki.

You often need to make a reservation in advance, so please check it on HP.

Arita Porcelain Park

 Source: Arita Porcelain Park HP

This is a theme park of a pottery where you can enjoy visiting Arita ware, painting, and a potter's wheel experience.

The building with the motif of the German palace, which is closely related to Arita ware, is a masterpiece!

There is also a valuable exhibition of the precious Kojandari and a ground golf course, so you can enjoy it all day long from children to adults.

Address: 340, Arita-cho, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga, Saga, Saga Prefecture. & nbsp; 0955-41-0030
Business hours: 9: 00-17: 00
HP: https://www.arita-touki.com/

Namiyama Nori Pottery Kiln

Quoted from Nogi Kiln Official Instagram

At Higuchi's pottery, "Nori Pottery Kiln", which was collecting ceramic porcelain and collecting the old Idyari, you can make a soft white Lee Lee Glaz.

There are two courses, a potter's wheel experience and a painting experience, and it has a handmade soba meal.

Address: 426-1 Namba-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture
Phone number: & NBSP; < href = "TEL: 0955-41-0030"> 0955-43-2890 HP: http://noritou.com/index.html


I've introduced the recommendations of Arita ware, but did you find it?
Arita ware items introduced in this article can be viewed in the list below.

Arita ware list page

Please find a favorite from many Arita ware.

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!